According to Gurman, the redesigned iMac and Mac mini will arrive in 2022

Five days have passed since Apple debuted the new MacBook Pros and other devices. Some laptops that will delight users thanks to those new M1 Pro and Max chips. Five days later we have the first rumors about the devices that we did not see at that event on Monday: Mac mini and iMac. They say they will arrive next year.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman on his own blog, he says that next year we will see the arrival of the new Mac mini and iMac models. But this year Apple has already fulfilled. It is true that last year the American company launched three events, two of which were very followed. However, this was the case due to delays in the materials of some devices due to COVID-19. This year things are different and There will only be these two events that we have already seen.

In this way the remodeling of the iPad Pro and desktop computers, iMac and Mac mini will have to wait until next year. It will be in 2022 when we can see new iMac with current M1 processors. In this case it may be the M1 Pro or M1 Max, but it is certainly almost impossible to see a new computer already with M1 and much less with Intel. That is why even Gurman dares to predict that the next MacBook Air will also come with an Apple Silicon processor and next-generation chip.

Personally handsome that if Apple launches the new Mac mini, they will be as colorful as the current iMac.

I wouldn’t expect a third event this year or any other major announcements. Apple held three events last year because Covid-19 caused delays and disrupted its calendar. If Apple had more Macs to launch this year, would have announced them last week, even if they wouldn’t ship until the end of this year. There’s really nothing more of substance left on the roadmap that’s ready for 2021.

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