Rainbow Six Extraction: release date and gameplay in the new trailer

After announcing the arrival of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Ubisoft has also released the first gameplay trailer of Rainbow Six Extraction, the new and anticipated game of the Rainbow Six saga coming out next September 16, 2021 up PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Amazon Moon is Google Stadia.

The game, the title of which was originally Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine (but it was later changed due to… well, we all know why), it will take us to the REACT team where, through the cooperative PvE, we will have to investigate an unknown parasite that landed on Earth through a meteorite.

Rainbow Six Extraction trailer and details

Here is the trailer in which you can admire for the first time a portion of the gameplay of Rainbow Six Extraction, followed by the official Ubisoft release with all the details of the case:

Originally called Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine, Rainbow Six Extraction was headed by Ubisoft Montreal’s experienced team of veterans. Inspired by Rainbow Six’s traditional co-op shooter heritage, Rainbow Six Extraction is a completely revamped tactical PvE co-op that gathers Operators to battle a mysterious new threat.

Three years ago, a meteorite hit the middle of a New Mexico community in the quaint town of Truth and Consequences, releasing an unknown parasite. A handful of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege operators took care of the situation and it seemed that they had managed to contain the mysterious parasite during the first wave. Unexpectedly, the Chimera parasite has suddenly reappeared in several locations in the United States, expanding with incredible rapidity, more deadly than ever. To monitor the parasite and be ready for any future threat, the REACT Team (Rainbow Team of Exogenous Analysis & Containment) was created, an extremely specialized and specially equipped organization, commanded by Eliza “Ash” Cohen, by Dr. Elena “Mira ”Álvarez and Jordan“ Thermite ”Trace.

In Extraction, the player joins Team REACT to create a team of one to three players among the well-known and beloved Rainbow Six Siege Operators to face the mysterious alien creatures known as the Archas. After completing each objective, the player will have to face a difficult choice: go out and collect the rewards or continue to face even more dangerous enemies and earn even more important rewards in an increasingly intense and chaotic experience. This bet can mean the loss of an Operator who would be Lost in Action (DIA) within the containment zone. To recover a DIA Operator, players must come together and risk it all in the recovery mission.

Choose from 18 Rainbow Six Operators, each equipped with specialized REACT equipment, weapons, gadgets and skills to master in highly replayable immersive gameplay. The uniqueness and the different styles of play of each Operator allow unlimited options in the customization of the teams, in search of the best balance that will allow them to come out alive and winners. Deploying into unknown containment zones with strategic planning will be vital to recovering the information needed to stop the alien threat.

Spread across four areas of the United States, the containment zones are dominated by the aggressive parasite that creates an unstable, ever-expanding ecosystem within their walls. The selection of 12 specially designed maps includes challenges, enemies, haunts and increasing difficulties with unpredictable and ever-changing dangers. The further you advance from one airlock to another, the greater the reward, but the greater the risks your team will face.

The player who owns and plays Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction will immediately unlock the entire Rainbow Six Siege 18 Operator series and will receive the elite United Front cosmetic in both games. The Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition of Rainbow Six Extraction are already available for pre-order. Those who pre-order Rainbow Six Extraction will receive the Orbital Decay bundle, with epic items including the Orion uniform, the helmet for Finka and Lion, the universal Vaporized weapon skin and the Crashlander charm. Rainbow Six Extraction also includes live technical support.

In addition, three official Chibis from the Ubicollectibles line will be available: Ela, Vigil and Lion. The Chibis of the Six Extraction collection will be 10 cm tall and will have dedicated poses. Each figurine will be sold together with a unique code that will unlock an exclusive pendant in Rainbow Six Extraction.


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