8 essential Kodi addons to get the most out of it

If you are a lover of multimedia content, both local and streaming, it is very likely that you have heard of Kodi. This program works both as a media player as well as a media center. It is a totally free and open source program, thanks to which we can play movies, series, music and much more directly on our computer, mobile phone or television. And, thanks to its modular design, it is possible to add many more functions than those that come standard thanks to “addons”.

Kodi has become a very popular program among fans of streaming multimedia content, mainly due to the large number of addons that we can download and install in the program and that allow us to expand its functions and customize the user experience.

How Kodi addons work

Kodi addons, or complements, are small programs, created in Python, that are installed within the multimedia center itself and thanks to which we can access an infinite number of additional content within this program. Some addons allow us to access all kinds of live content (both legal and not so legal), while others allow you to access streaming content on demand. There are plugins for all kinds of content, from movies and TV shows to sports and news. We can also find them for music, photos… everything.


Once Kodi is installed on our PC or device, we can now install the addons we want to access all this additional content. For this, what we must do is add a repository to Kodi, that is, a server where these addons are stored and from which we can download them. Kodi comes standard with some official repositories, although the most useful add-ons are on third-party servers, which we must add by hand. Once this is done, we can search and add the addons we want.

Using Netflix on Kodi

essential addons

Kodi has an infinite number of complements, or addons, that we can download and install in the multimedia center. Some of these plugins are 100% legal, others walk the fine gray line between legal and illegal, while others are outright illegal and prosecuted by the authorities.

If you want to get the most out of this program, but you don’t want to have legal problems, these are the addons that we must know and install within the multimedia center.

  • Netflix. It allows us to access the entire Netflix catalog directly from this program. It is necessary to have a valid user account, with its corresponding subscription, to be able to watch the series and movies that are on this platform. We can install it by hand adding the following repository:
  • HBO Max. Similar to the previous one, but designed to be able to access the entire HBO Max catalog, as well as options and functions that are not in the original app. As with Netflix, we need a valid account, with its corresponding subscription, to be able to access all the content on this platform. We can install it from the repository:
  • Disney+. Like the previous two. It is an addon that allows us to access all the Disney+ content directly from Kodi. All the series, movies and other content of this program, directly in the most used multimedia center. We can install this addon from this repository:
  • Backup. Configuring Kodi to our liking can take a long time. And, when we change computers, format, or an error occurs in the program, it is easy to lose all these settings. Thanks to this addon we can make backup copies of all the addons, and all the configurations, so that in a matter of seconds we can leave the program as it was before the failure. We can install it from the official repository of the program.
  • pluto tv. It is one of the largest platforms that we can find to watch hundreds of series and movies live streaming. Most TVs have Pluto installed, and it has become one of the best alternatives to Netflix, HBO and the like for users who don’t care much about what to watch. We can download the plugin, and install it, from this repository:
  • TDTChannels. This is one of the largest platforms that we can find to watch all DTT channels for free on the Internet, as well as other international channels with a large audience, all of them for free. We can use Kodi to see the complete list of these channels and play, via streaming, the one we want. There is no official addon for this, but we can install the “IPTV Simple Client” plugin, from the official repositories, and add the TDTChannels URL as source:
  • Xumo TV. It is a completely free platform from which we can watch more than 250 free channels over the Internet. This service is available in Spain, so to see it we only have to install the add-on within Kodi and start playing. We can install the addon from its repository:
  • Youtube. As its name indicates, it is a repository from which we can access the Google platform to see any video we want. This plugin is included in the standard repositories, so we only have to look for it to install it.

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