8 Tips for Keeping Your Electronics Safe in the Summer Heat

Summer is as good for our tans as it is bad for our electronics. All that heat, sun, water and sand can really do a number on our phones, tablets, earbuds, cameras and other devices. But fret not because there are many practical steps that you can take to protect your expensive and essential electronic devices during your summer of fun.Here are eight tips to follow to keep your electronics safe in the summer heat, from getting a great phone case to investing in a dry bag:

Don’t leave them in the car.

Your car heats up like an oven in the summer, especially when parked in the sun. Do not leave your electronics in a hot car. Always take them with you, even if you plan to be outside. The open air circulating will keep them cooler than if they were left in the car. You should also be careful of using dashboard mounts while driving, which puts your phone in the relentless path of the sun. This heat puts undue strain on the battery and can even cause your phone to shut itself down in the middle of using GPS. Try to find a cooler, more shady spot in your car to put your phone mount.

Keep your screens out of the sun.

Many people like to take their phone, tablet or e-reader to the beach, finding it more convenient than hauling along a stack of books or magazines. While we can’t deny the convenience, you should be diligent not to leave these devices out when not in use. That’s because repeated exposure to sunlight can cause the screen to pixelate, crack or become unresponsive to touch. It can also cause the screen to warp or contribute to other hardware problems. When not using these devices, place them in the shade so that the screen will be protected from the sun.

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Get protective cases for all your devices.

If you don’t already, invest in some protective cases for all your electronics devices — and yes, we mean all of them: your phone, your tablet, your smartwatch, your Bluetooth headphones, everything (even an AirTag case). If you are a big fan of the naked phone, there are lots of cute yet durable phone cases to choose from that will look just as good as your device. Think of it as insurance to protect your expensive electronics, which can be difficult (and expensive) to replace right away when you are traveling. Prioritize lighter colored cases, which will absorb less sunlight and help to keep your devices cool.

Consider adding a neoprene sleeve as well.

If your electronics are frequently exposed to heat, then you might also want to consider getting a neoprene sleeve or case for them to sit in while they are not in use. Neoprene is the same material used in wet suits and it has insulating ability, so it helps to keep the electronics inside them cool. Again, try not to get a black or dark case, which will absorb sunlight and negate the insulating effects of the neoprene. A neoprene case is also no substitute for keeping your electronics out of the sun, so don’t depend on it to save your phone from overheating in broad daylight.

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Charge your electronics the smart way.

Charging electronics heats them up, which puts stress on the battery — and the hotter temperatures of summer exacerbate this situation. When charging your electronics, do it in a shady room or at night when the temperatures are cooler. Try to charge your electronics outside during the day if at all possible. Place them on a hard, flat surface that will dissipate heat. Don’t put them between cushions, pillows, towels or fabric in an effort to shade them. This will trap heat and cause them to heat up even faster than usual. It’s better to charge them in short bursts of time and to keep the battery ranging between 30-80 percent, which will result in less heat and stress on the battery.

Invest in a good dry bag.

Summer is prime water sports season, and many of us hit up the beach or the lake during the summer months. Unfortunately, this exposes your phone to both water and sand, neither of which is good for it. We recommend investing in a good waterproof phone pouch that is specifically made to protect electronics. These bags will protect your devices from both water and sand in the event of an emergency. Make sure to purchase a dry bag from a trusted manufacturer that has rigorously tested the bag. You don’t want to risk your electronics in an untested knockoff!

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Take breaks from your electronics.

We understand the desire to be tied to your phone or computer all the time, but we really encourage you to resist this urge over the summer. Constant usage can cause your devices to heat up abnormally, especially if the ambient temperatures are already high. If you notice that your phone or laptop is starting to get hot, or the fan is beginning to run really loud, shut it down and take a break. Give it enough time to cool off completely before you resume using it, and don’t be surprised if you find this happening more than usual during the summer.

Don’t forget about your home electronics.

Most of the focus on protecting your electronics during the summer is understandably on the portable devices that you carry around outside. However, larger devices inside your house, such as desktop computers and TVs, are also under stress from the higher temperatures. They should be protected from sunlight just like your other devices to prevent overheating and damage to their screens. Make sure the rooms they are located in are properly ventilated using fans or air conditioning. You should also dust them regularly since dust can cause their internal fans to get clogged and contribute to overheating.

Got any more genius tips for keeping your electronics safe this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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