8BitDo adds support for Stadia controllers on Nintendo Switch

Back with the controls of Stadia, and it is that although Google has provided the means so that they can continue to function properly once the service has passed away, everything has its limits and one of them is Nintendo Switch, a console which in principle admits any controller that supports Bluetooth, but in the end it is not so.

In fact, that is the reason why adapters like 8BitDo’s are so popular to cover this particular case and if you add two plus two, you already have the news chewed. As the headline says, 8BitDo has added support for playing with Stadia controllers on Nintendo Switch. Specifically, it has done so through the aforementioned adapter, which obviously you have to buy separately if you want to enjoy it.

But if you happen to have the Stadia controllers and would like to use them on the Nintendo Switch without complicating your life, this is the most advisable solution you are going to find at the moment. It is true that there is nothing like playing the Switch with the Joy-Con or, if you hurry me, with the Pro Controller, but the evil of drift from which they suffer is so hateful that it is worth looking for an alternative.

On the other hand, Google may have failed with its gaming platform for streaming, but the Stadia controls, rubbish aside, look very good and those who have tried them certify their quality. So if, in addition to PC, you would like to use them on the Nintendo Switch, 8BitDo’s proposal is the most interesting there is right now.

The 8BitDo adaptations for PC and Nintendo Switch

In short, you buy the 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter 2, which you can find on Amazon for 16.74 euros (its current price is 19.99 euros, but right now it’s on sale, so you save 16%) and you’ve already done it. In addition, it helps you to guarantee an excellent connection with almost any other controller that the Switch does not accept or does not work well at all.

For more information, support has arrived via driver, still in beta, but fully functional. In 9to5Google you can expand the information.

To all this, if you do not have the Stadia controls and no other with which to get the most out of the adapter in question, 8BitDo also has independent alternatives, and the truth is that although its adapter is very popular, so are its controls . Without going any further, its latest product, the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller, is one of the best controls for Nintendo Switch by far: not only does it include the adapter, but it pairs perfectly with Bluetooth.

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