9 curiosities of Clubhouse, the social network that is hitting it in 2021

Clubhouse is the new successful social network. Despite being launched in 2020, it was not until this year that the application began to gain popularity. Part of its success is found in the differentiating aspect that it supposes with respect to other social networks, since in this case we only use the voice to communicate with other people. The second reason is due to the air of exclusivity that it gives off, since access to the application is limited, unlike other alternatives. This time we have made a compilation of several Clubhouse curiosities that you should know if you are going to download the application on your mobile .

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Clubhouse is only compatible with iPhone (at the moment)

That’s right. And it is that although there are applications with the same name on Android, the truth is that is only available for the iPhone , at least at the time of write these lines. The only official response from the company is limited to saying that “the Android version will be on the market soon,” a testimony that we can read in the statement that the developers released just a few days ago on the official Clubhouse blog.

The company behind Clubhouse is…

Alpha Exploration Corporation, a company Created in 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, a former Google employee and a Silicon Valley mogul . The reason for its creation responds precisely to the confinement imposed by the pandemic, since the application was initially launched in April of last year.

At the time of its creation, the company received an injection of 12 million dollars from the investment fund Andreessen Horowitz . At the time of this writing, the app’s value is already measured in several hundred million dollars; 1,000 million, to be exact.

Access to Clubhouse is only possible by invitation…

We have already talked about the halo of exclusivity that the social network gives off compared to other alternatives. The reason for this is because can only be accessed with a direct invitation from the room host . That is, we will not be able to register unless someone has invited us to access the application. And no trick or alternative method will help us to register as users.

But you can request a registration code

As it is a social network under development, the creators have limited access to have better control of the options and functions available. If we want to register at Clubhouse without an invitation code, we can join the waiting list that the application makes available to users to obtain an access code at as the platform opens little by little. It is enough to indicate our data at the time of registering in the application to access the quota.

There is a black market of Clubhouse invitations

The fame of Clubhouse is such that there is a whole black market for buying and selling invitations to access the social network. This market was boosted after a publication by Elon Musk on January 31 on his official Twitter account in which the CEO invited users to access a private room.

After the publication of the tweet, there were several users who began to traffic with Clubhouse invitations up to $ 100 per invitation . Today there is a whole network of pages and online stores that sell invitations in packages for a small price. It goes without saying that from TechUnwrapped.comwe advise against resorting to these ways, since it could well be an attempt to scam .

Be careful with the data that Clubhouse collects

The source of Clubhouse business relies precisely on user data. The way in which the application obtains the data is similar to that of applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram or TikTok. And it is that beyond the data that we have indicated in the registration process (name, email address …), the application collects all kinds of identifiers that help you create an advertising profile .

Telephone numbers, contact list, mobile phone model, system version … And what about the content of the conversations? At the moment, it is unknown if the platform analyzes the content of voice messages to collect data, so we can only make assumptions.

Clubhouse is not suitable for minors

That’s right. And the reason is mainly due to the type of content that we can share on the social network, content that may include violence, sex or reference to the consumption of alcohol and drugs . In fact, Apple’s app store has categorized Clubhouse as an app not suitable for children under 17 years of age. And it is that even though the conversations are partially moderate, it is understood that Clubhouse could modify its behavior depending on the type of voice channel.

Voice rooms have a participant limit

Like Discord, Clubhouse limits the number of users that can participate in a certain voice room. Specifically, the platform limits the number to 5,000 participants , a figure that matches the different types of users who have been registering on the social network during the last days: private companies, personalities, content creators … Later, this figure may expand, as we remember that we are facing a platform under development.

Clubhouse has been involved in several controversies over data protection

The arrival of Clubhouse in Europe has not been without controversy. Countries such as Germany have been implicated in various investigations of the social network due to alleged “lack of transparency” regarding data collection .

The Germanic country ensures that the Clubhouse terms and conditions of use are only available in English. To this we must add that the application makes use of the contact list , which in principle could lead to “trading with the data of other users” , committing a data breach crime.

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