Remove the background from your photos with these tools

Do you want to remove the background from an image but don’t have any knowledge of Photoshop? In that case, the task may seem completely unattainable. Luckily, there are tools capable of removing the background from any image automatically . This is made possible by artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the results are quite surprising. Read on to learn about some of the best alternatives to remove the background from your photos in a matter of seconds.


One of the best tools available today is Remove.bg , a web platform with which we can remove the background of any image for free . To achieve this, we just have to drag the image that we want to edit to the tool’s website and Remove.bg will take care of removing the background. In addition, the platform allows us to add alternative backgrounds, colors or blur effects to improve the photo. Once satisfied with the result, we can download the resulting image with a single click and without registering , which is a point in favor. Finally, it is interesting to note that Remove.bg works with photos of people, products, animals, vehicles and graphic elements, so we are facing an ideal tool for all types of users.


Erase.bg is a smart AI background removal and image editor tool that lets you edit images with precision. It enables users to remove their background for profile pictures, resize images by different aspect ratios and save images in all formats.

Consider using this tool to remove your image background in no time and download it in the original resolution for FREE. Yes, it’s that easy! Users find it as the best tool for automated background removal at the best accuracy and lowest price. They also provide professionals and big businesses with all the help required to create an efficient workflow. In addition to all that, Erase.bg supports developers in removing image backgrounds through API.

Background Eraser

Another option to consider is Background Eraser, a web tool that makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and eliminate in a way automatic background of any image. The tool not only works with photos of people, but we can also upload images of animals, cars or objects. In addition, one of the advantages of Background Eraser is that does not force us to register to use it. It is important to take into account the limit of 2MB per image per hour uploading a file in JPG or PNG format. Also, the dimensions cannot exceed 700 × 700 pixels.

Background Remover

We continue with the collection of alternatives with Background Remover, a very interesting option. Like the previous options, the tool has been designed to eliminate the background of any photo automatically. As you can see in the image above, the result is pretty good. Background Remover allows us to edit three images without registering , although it is necessary to create an account if we want to continue editing images. In this case, the maximum size of the files we can upload is 5MB.


Slazzer is another of the web platforms that we have at our disposal when eliminating the background of a picture without complications. The tool works with photos of people, vehicles, products, animals and graphic elements. As for its operation, it is extremely simple: we just have to upload the image that we want to edit and the web will take care of erasing the background. In addition, we can also add alternative backgrounds and apply different effects. It is a free tool, although depending on the number of images we want to edit it will be necessary to register in the platform to download them.


As you will see, we have at our disposal multiple tools that allow us to eliminate the background of any image without the need to open programs such as Photoshop. The operation of this type of tools is quite similar, so we recommend you to try them all to decide for one or another option.

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