A chatbot designed by AI could be a candidate to preside over Denmark

Artificial Intelligence is unstoppable. There is no doubt that it already reaches practically all social and economic spheres, as well as political ones. In fact, it is in Denmark where the AI ​​is even capable of directing even a political party. It is the Synthetic Party of Denmark, and the curious thing about it is that it is not led by a politician or activist, but by a chatbot named Leader Lars.

Leaders Lars took up his post on August 26 and beware, it is not an online and informal project but rather a a party that even has the goal of standing in the very Danish elections which will take place next November. Behind this chat bot are Computer Lars, a collective of artists, and the MindFuture Foundation, an art and technology NGO.

This is how Leaders Lars works, the ‘leader’ of the Danish Synthetic Party

And how do you get this chat bot to ‘represent’ the concerns and needs of real citizens? Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, as it has been trained with fringe party politics or with less representation of the country since the 70s. The Synthetic Party created with AI wants to convince that 20% of the Danish electorate that does not usually vote in elections, mainly due to problems of political discontent with the traditional parties.

“We are representing the data of all the fringe parties. So it’s all the parties that are trying to get elected to Parliament, but they don’t have a seat,” Asker Staunæs, party creator and MindFuture artist and researcher told Motherboeard. Be careful, Asker is not the one behind Leaders Lars, nor is he going to be his visible face or his representative in the event that the Danes choose this option to represent them. It will be the AI ​​trained with the ideas of these parties and according to what it decides after the pertinent analysis, the one that will make the decisions.

Those people who are interested in the proposal of the Synthetic Party can speak with its leader from Discord, a freeware VoIP voice chat, video and text chat instant messaging service. And to do so, they must address Leader Lars by starting the messages with ‘!’. By interacting, people can submit proposals and information to match what non-voters want to become voters. This party also has no problems with languages ​​as it understands Danish and English equally.

Despite the originality of the proposal and the intention to stand in the general elections, the party needs to collect 20,000 signatures to be an eligible option. “Leader Lars is the figurehead of the party. Denmark is a representative democracy, so would have humans behind on the ballot papers that they represent the leader Lars and that they are committed to acting as a medium for the AI”, Asker Staunæs clarified.

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