A new, more complete and current Outlook will come to Windows

But that’s not all, but Microsoft also wants all its applications to be compatible with Windows 11, both in terms of functionality and appearance. Also, you want to do all of this before its official launch. This includes Microsoft Outlook, software to which the tech giant wants to make a major change before its debut in the new Windows. At first the firm has called this project for the renovation of Outlook Monarch Project. Thanks to the same care, it is intended to completely review the current Outlook email client.

What the new Outlook Client will offer

When this update finally arrives, we will see a more current and improved user interface with a unified Outlook client. How could it be otherwise, the user interface is inspired by the look of Windows 11, although the new Outlook It will also reach Windows 10 and macOS users. We will also find that the Outlook web application will receive this renewal.

This is because Microsoft is looking for a more unified Outlook experience no matter what device we are using. Also, once Windows 11 is launched and installed, we will see that we only have one mail application, and it will be Outlook. Therefore, the current Mail and Calendar application in addition to the old Win32 version of Outlook and will no longer be available separately. We tell you all this because Microsoft plans to combine the Outlook applications into a single app that will replace the current Mail and Calendar in Windows 10 and 11.

It must be said that in Windows 11 Microsoft will eliminate sharp edges and replace it with rounded corners, like all system applications. Other design enhancements include components that are also spreading throughout the operating system.

When will I be able to test the new email client

On the other hand, Outlook will also enjoy a whole new batch of icons, although we don’t know much about the new functional features yet. What has been deduced now thanks to a series of literal fiction, is that its appearance will be very similar to that of the web version.

Everything indicates that a beta version of the new Outlook could be ready before the end of 2021. Thus, if the tests go well Microsoft will replace the Mail and Calendar applications with the new Outlook in the next year 2022. Something that we must also take into account is that it is possible that the redesign does not bring new functions. What we do know is that the giant works on a single, unified Outlook on all platforms to add new functions to the application.

In turn we must also wait for the Windows 11 official arrival, since as the months go by it will receive new updates, as will happen with its applications, including Outlook.

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