A new vulnerability affects TP-Link and puts your router at risk

A zero-day glitch hits TP-Link

This zero day vulnerability It has been discovered by the cybersecurity company Resecurity. It has detected it in the TL-XVR1800L model and warns that a cybercriminal could use it for malicious purposes and take full control of that computer. However, the same security researchers indicate that it is likely that this flaw could also be present in other models.

This router where they have found the problem is compatible with Wi-Fi 6. It is designed especially for companies. From Resecurity they indicate that they contacted TP-Link on November 19 to report the problem and that they could take a solution as soon as possible. TP-Link responded that they would release a security patch in a week, but at the time of writing this article day 0 vulnerability is still present.

What’s more, Resecurity released a proof of concept to report on how it managed to remotely execute code on the device and take advantage of this flaw. This allows you to check how dangerous this security flaw is and can put users at risk.

Vulnerabilities in TP-Link Archer C50

Abnormal traffic monitoring

According to reports from Resecurity, this vulnerability was identified after a abnormal traffic monitoring which consisted of a network of “honeypot” sensors to emulate the Internet of Things devices developed by this company to search for threats on the network.

In this way, Resecurity researchers found ongoing attacks by monitoring the activity of a known threat on the network and IoT devices since the beginning of October this year.

Keep in mind that it is not the first time that TP-Link has been affected by such a problem. These errors can be used by hackers to create botnets based on IoT devices, such as Mirai and carry out DDoS attacks against others.

This makes it a must keep devices up to date. On the one hand, the manufacturers themselves must release patches as soon as a problem is known. This is the only way to correct errors such as this zero-day vulnerability that affects the TP-Link TL-XVR1800L router.

But another essential part is that the users themselves install those updates. This is something that does not always happen and there are many vulnerable routers on the Internet. Many can be the gateway for threats that affect the operation of other devices and can steal information.

You can see what steps to take to update a router. But you must bear in mind that it is not only the device itself that matters, but also the network cards or any component that the equipment may have.

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