A Plague Tale: Innocence will have its own television adaptation

In the same way that it already happened a couple of decades ago, but luckily with some better fortune and resources, it seems that the new fashion of Hollywood goes through the adaptation of some video games to the big screen. And it is that after successes such as Pokémon, Sonic, Lara Croft or Uncharted, now comes the turn of other smaller but undoubtedly very promising titles like A Plague Tale: Innocence.

This has been advanced from the French website Allocine, who shared that some American production studios interested in the project were rejected in favor of keeping things close to the game’s own developer, Asobo Studio, opting for local production company Merlin. Productions.

Unfortunately, at the moment the details of this adaptation are quite scarce, with the only confirmation that it will arrive under a series format instead of a movie, with the collaboration of Focus Entertainment as co-producer, director Mathieu Turi (assistant director on Inglourious Basterds), and the stunning original soundtrack by Olivier Derivièrepresent in the game itself. That said, details about the cast, production schedule, or where this series is planned to air through are unknown.

What does seem clear is the script for the series, which will follow the events of the game itself quite accurately, transferring us to a France of the fourteenth century and betting on dark and atmospheric settings. in which we will follow the adventure of the Rune brothers after the appearance of the black plague and a terrible plague of rats, as well as the persecution of the soldiers of a malicious French Inquisition. All this through a narrative that will put us from the point of view of two children alone in danger, with great nuances of brotherhood, vulnerability and loneliness that will undoubtedly convey the great emotion of the game.

Thus, it is not clear if the series will arrive in time to anticipate the release of the second installment of this game, A Plague Tale: Requiem, still without a specific date, but already framed for its launch during this 2022.

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