A prototype of an Original ceramic Apple Watch appears

Normally all companies destroy the prototypes that they manufacture and that are never marketed. Less in the automotive industry, which not only does not destroy them, but also exhibits them at sector fairs.

And a rare example of Apple Watch has been spared “burning” and photos of it have appeared on Twitter: a Original Apple Watch with white ceramic housing. The “snowflake” of the 2014 Apple Watch.

Lately a lot of rare prototypes of the Apple watch. A few days ago, we commented that a strange example of Apple Watch Series 3 with a connector for smart bands had appeared. And three weeks ago, another black ceramic Apple Watch Series 5 prototype appeared. Now photos of another unique unit have just been posted.

The Apple Watch was announced in September 2014 and hit stores a few months later in April 2015. The first generation was available in aluminum, stainless steel, and 18-karat gold cases, but it appears that Apple already had other materials in stock. mind at that time. A new Apple Watch prototype shows that the company was considering a model of ceramics for the original watch.

The images of this prototype were shared by @DongleBookPro, a Twitter user known for having multiple prototypes of different Apple devices. As you can see from the photos, this ceramic Apple Watch looks more or less the same as the version that was released years later. However, this is actually a pioneering unit that was built in 2014, and that it was never commercialized.

It is curious to see how the company already had in mind a ceramic model for the Apple Watch since its inception, but for reasons that have not transpired, it kept the project in a drawer for two years until in 2016 the Apple Watch Series 2 with the option of a white ceramic finish.

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