Today macOS Monterey arrives, take the opportunity to clean your Mac and make a backup

Today users who want will be able to install the new version of macOS Monterey at the same time it is launched. We always recommend waiting a bit, being patient and having everything ready by the time we install the new operating system on our Mac.

The first thing we have to do is some cleaning and then back up the system in case we have a problem with the installation. This that many users forget and then come the regrets when we lose the information on our Mac because we have to restore and we do not have a backup in Time Machine or external disk.

The first step would be to clean the Mac

This step, although it is true that it is not essential, it can come in handy to have the fastest and most fluid team in the new macOS. Many users control in detail what we install on our Mac and frequently delete what we do not use, many others never make a cleaning apps, tools, duplicate photos, documents, etc, And when a new version of the operating system arrives it may be the perfect time to do so.

It is really easy when we have a “new” or almost new Mac to keep track of what we install or uninstall. But as the years go by it is common to leave more and more “crap” installed and in times of change of operating system like the one expected today it is good to do a cleaning.

Then we make a backup

Now we have the Mac clean and the second step before installing anything on the computer is to make a backup copy in case a problem arises. In this sense, many users forget about it and start installing as soon as the new version comes out. This is not the best as we can have problems and then lose all the information.

It is always important to make a copy of our documents, photos, files and more. Have a “backup” of the system or the files that we need yes or yes. This can be very useful in case of problems, so do not forget and make a backup.

Many users also have automatic backups to Time Machine, you can make a manual copy right after cleaning the system and your computer. This will also remove everything that was left in the previous copy and that you may not be using.

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