A prototype of the Apple Watch shows a connector for “smart bands”

That Apple intends to equip the Apple Watch with a connector To be able to interact with a leash, it’s not far fetched. It would cost you very little to insert a small connector into the case and thus be able to send or receive data from some kind of smart strap. That was already thinking for series 3.

At least, apparently in a rare prototype of the Apple Watch Series 3, which incorporates a small connector inside the slot of the case where the watch straps are housed. A good idea, we do not know if it is still in the project and in the end it will come to light in future series, or it was stuck in that prototype that was spared destruction by the company.

The normal thing in all companies that design their own devices is that they are destroyed once the project is completed. More than anything so that ideas are not leaked that in the end you do not use them, but may end up on competing devices.

And as an example of this concept of «destruction of evidence» are the images of the prototype that for some reason he escaped from said destruction. Giulio Zompetti, developer and collector of Apple prototypes, has made a somewhat special one.

You have a unique piece in your possession. A prototype of the Apple Watch Series 3 with a connector to be able to communicate with some kind of “smart” strap. Quite a find, without a doubt.

The device exhibits two metal contacts within the housing slot, where the strap attaches, on either side of the communications port. Zompetti believes that the two unusual terminals are exposed to contact with the strap, and may be a kind of “Smart Connector“Similar to the iPad, to exchange data with some kind of” smart “strap.

Apple has many patents on smart straps

Apple has been awarded a large number of patents around smart bands for the Apple Watch, which indicates that it is something that the company has been working on for years. Some patents show different ideas such as biometric authentication, self-tightening or inserting batteries, screens, cameras, blood pressure sensors, etc.

What we do not know is whether this idea was parked in a drawer after the launch of series 3, or the company continues to work on it, and this prototype becomes a reality in an upcoming series 7 or 8. When the river sounds, water carries….

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