Does iOS allow you to delete messages already sent by iMessage?

Although the reign of WhatsApp continues to boom in countries like Spain, the truth is that the use of iMessage among iPhone users is becoming more and more frequent. And for the newest to this Apple messaging system, there are certain doubts that arise when comparing it with other apps such as the aforementioned Meta or with the always alternative Telegram. One of the most common is whether or not it is possible to delete messages in iMessage that have already been sent.

Although the list of iMessage features is expanding every year and introducing interesting improvements, the truth is that it is still an app that looks inferior in terms of functionality. It is probably the one that ensures a more secure and private encryption system among iOS users, but unfortunately it does not have some basic ones such as deleting messages. Or at least not as many would like.

iMessage allows you to delete messages, but only partially

The aforementioned WhatsApp and Telegram offer the possibility of deleting messages that have already been sent, regardless of whether the recipient has already seen them or not. In WhatsApp only for a certain time and leaving a trace, while in the other it is done in a totally discreet way and without a time limit. However, neither one way nor the other can this be done in iMessage.

The only thing that the Apple system allows is delete messages for oneself. Whether they are complete chats or part of them, it is possible to delete them in a very simple way, which is basically by selecting them and clicking on the trash can icon. Apparently it will give the feeling that they have completely disappeared, but the truth is that you will only have eliminated them for yourself, since the other person can continue to see them if you haven’t deleted them.

delete imessage messages

Audio could be the exception

Probably the audio recording system is the weakest point of iMessage, but on the other hand it also has a positive aspect. Or at least that is how it can be interpreted in conjunction with this non-existent functionality of deleting messages that have already been sent. And it is that those voice messages that are sent through this service are eliminated automatically when a few minutes pass since they are heard.

And while it is true that they can be kept in the chat (a button dedicated to it appears), the most common is that they end up disappearing. It is useful? Well, in the end this depends on what each person is looking for, but it is something to always keep in mind. The negative part is that they are expired elements regardless of who sends them, but that they cannot be deleted before time and if you have made a mistake and the person did not listen, you will not be able to do anything either.

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