A vehicle defined by software, a joint project between Google and Renault

Google has become the favorite cloud provider of Renault and a friendship of years is expected between both parties that already predicts countless projects and technological developments. The automobile company Renault has renewed its relationship with Google for four more years to include the development of a new advanced software platform in the next models that it launches on the market. Based on the operating system Android AutomotiveGoogle, will release data to Renault’s cloud servers with the technology Google Cloud.

This agreement affects the four brands of the group: Dacia, Alpine, Mobilze and obviously Renault. All are adapted to Google’s car operating system that provides Integrated Assistant, Maps and Play Store. However, other manufacturers are betting on Amazon Web Service.

The union of the Renault group with Google dates back to 2018. At that time it simply consisted of installing Android in new vehicles, but now it goes further and advances in digital transformation “Move to Cloud”.

Both companies are working on a vehicle model with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities that includes new functionalities and new on board (In-Car Services). Some components of the new software defined vehicle (SDV) they will be incorporated and others will be fully external. It should be borne in mind that the electronic architecture of automobiles evolves because customer demand also evolves, which leads them to incorporate continuous updates to their software.

In this way, it will be possible to increase the residual value and the after sales retention as two key aspects of the company’s financial results. By partnering with Google, Renault will accelerate the digital transformation of its processes, from the design of a model to production. And it is that Renault will manage to win effectiveness Y Reduce costs in the vehicle manufacturing process.

The CEO of Google and Alphabet, Sundar Pichaiit states: Collaboration with Renault means using our cloud, artificial intelligence and Android expertise to deliver more secure and personalized customer experiences.

What does the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence bring?

  • Real-time diagnostics. It will improve vehicle operations as the vehicle will now provide the driver with information on when maintenance is required and can even troubleshoot itself.
  • New features. The driver will be able to learn about driving behaviour, frequently visited destinations and electric vehicle charging locations.
  • Gradual evolution. Over time, the Renault group will transfer the entire operating model to the cloud to gain agility, performance and profitability.
  • car insurance Innovation will also come to this section as they will be able to build using real data from the car itself.
  • connectivity. Groupe Renault will combine the software-defined vehicle platform with its car data platform, which will allow better understanding of customers’ habits and needs and meeting their needs, while not breaching data privacy.

Market competitiveness

The objective of automobile manufacturers is none other than to develop custom software that can compete with Tesla. The vehicles will be sold with a basic hardware and from there the embedded software it will be updated and new features applied to the vehicle.

Google It has gradually managed to enter the automotive world, managing to collaborate with companies such as BMW, Ford, Honda, Volvo and GM, although it has been difficult for it to open a gap, since they were more focused on devoting their efforts to fighting the competition.

Renault has been aware of this, since it manages to collect every day millions of data from their manufacturing centers and their supply chains. This at the forefront of mobility by constantly reinventing itself, especially from its alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, as well as its experience in electrification.

Present in more than 130 countriessold 2.7 million vehicles in 2021working for the company 111,000 people struggling to produce series and competition vehicles. It is marked as a goal be carbon neutral in Europe facing 2040 in line with environmental challenges.

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