A website for Apple workers to share experiences of harassment and discrimination in the company

We cannot say that it is something common among Apple employees, but in this case much like Google last year when the AI ​​ethics investigator accused the company of wrongful termination, at Apple a group of employees has just created a website to share bad experiences in the company.

As we say, this is not usually the norm since the Cupertino firm usually has a very good reputation in that sense, but what they have to achieve with this website is that the company takes responsibility for these internal problems with employees.

Apple workers website to share experiences of harassment and discrimination in the company

This is the web page in which this group of employees that we have to say in advance is not too high, it is intended that the affected colleagues expose their problems of harassment and discrimination received in the company itself. It is about showing the problems of sexist or racist discrimination, harassment and retaliation suffered by a part of the employees.

The promoters of this initiative have explained in an email to Business Insider that the web was activated last Monday at noon and some 15 Apple employees participated in its development, as well as promoters of the Google Walkout movement. «When our stories are collected and presented together they help expose persistent patterns of racism, sexism, inequity, discrimination, intimidation, repression, coercion, abuse, unjust punishment and privilege.«

In any case, they are problems that must be dealt with in all companies beyond Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. since although it may seem the opposite, they continue to happen today. Logically, in the case of this web page created by Apple workers, requires private and exclusive access for these employees.

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