Access your network administration without opening ports with, a program to take remote control

It should be noted that has a version for the operating systems for Windows, macOS, Linux and also for mobile devices. We can use it to control another computer, our Raspberry Pi, a mobile, etc. One of the peculiarities it has is that its configuration is very simple, since it does not require having to open ports or carry out any complex action.

This program will allow access other devices remotely Through protocols such as HTTPS, SSH, TCP, RDP or VNC, among others. We will be able to access the content of a computer through the Windows Remote Desktop easily. It is a totally free tool and, as we have mentioned, available for different operating systems.

Nowadays remote work has gained an important weight. There are many programs and services that we have at our disposal to be able to connect to the office computer remotely, for example. Also with other teams within an organization or even in our own home, if at any time we need to access information that we have stored, programs, etc. allows us all this that we mentioned. We will be able to configure it to enter another computer and use it as if we were physically there. A very important factor for the daily life of many workers, but also for home users who may need something like this.

How to use

The first thing we have to do to start using is download the program. It is available for most operating systems. In our case we have tested it on both Windows and Android. The process is similar in the type of device we choose. To download it you have to go to its official website and choose the version that interests us.

After downloading the program we can start the installation process. It is something simple and does not last long. Once it is finished, the Windows firewall may ask us for permissions to give access to this application.

For everything to work correctly we must carry out some actions in Windows. You have to configure remote access. To do this we have to go to Start, enter the Control Panel, go to System and there we look for the option to Allow remote access. We have to click on Allow remote connections to this equipment.

Allow remote access in Windows

With this we can start remote access. We will have to do this on both teams. Later we have to register the equipment in the application. It will ask us for a user account and password. We can login through the Google account if we want. It is completely free, as we have mentioned.

Register computer

This process must also be done on the other computer. We must install and configure it in the same way. Once this is done we will be at the disposal of create a new RDP service.

Create a new RDP service

When we have reached this point, we will have our configured equipment in the app. Now we have to give Devices, which is the second option that appears in the menu on the left. There the name of the team that we have created will have to appear (we can assign the name we want to both). It may not appear to us immediately, as it may take a couple of minutes.

As soon as the equipment we have created is available, we have to click on it. There the Services list. It may be empty or it may appear several, depending on whether we have selected some when installing it. However, in our case what we are going to do is click on Add Service (the “+” icon that appears above).

Create RDP

In the type of service you have to mark RDP. We have to give it a name (it can be whatever we want) and we leave the default port (3389), as well as the host address ( We have to hit Save.

Back in Devices The name that we have created will appear and we have to click on it. We must give the RDP service that we have created, a new window will open and we give Create connection. The blue button will automatically appear to stop the connection, which means that it has started successfully.

Connect remotely from another computer

Done all this we have to go to the other computer and log in with the same credentials in, unless we have done it before. When we are inside we give Devices, we mark the equipment that interests us (the one we previously created) and Connect. On the right we will see the button to copy url.

Now we will be able to connect remotely from the other device. In Windows we have to go to Start and write Connection to remote desktop and we open it. It will ask us for the address, which is the URL that we just copied. We click Connect and it will ask us for the password to access the other computer. The process is very fast and we will not be able to have control at all.

Remote desktop in Windows

Once we have connected, from that team we can have the full access to the device which we are trying to access remotely. We can see the screen that is started, use programs, the browser to open pages, carry out configurations, etc. Basically we can do the same as if we were physically sitting in front of the screen.

In short, by following these steps that we have mentioned, we can use to connect remotely to other devices. We have seen how it works in Windows, which is the most used operating system on desktop computers, but we can also use it in a similar way in other OS such as Linux or macOS. The mobile version for Android is also very useful to have control from mobile devices.

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