Check if you are paying €250 more in electricity to use your refrigerator

An efficient fridge saves up to €250 a year

It is clear that an old device will consume more electricity than a more modern, more efficient one. But we can see that especially in those that consume a lot of electricity, as is the case of a Fridge. A model from 30 years ago is not the same as a current one, much more efficient.

As indicated by Endesa, a refrigerator of efficiency A consumes up to 40% less of electricity than another much less efficient model. That, if we translate it to a whole year, we can talk about €250. Without a doubt it is a more than important saving, especially in the times in which we live in which the light has risen considerably.

Does that mean that an A-efficiency refrigerator will always save €250 compared to others? Not quite. That’s going to depend on how the other model is. Today we can see different levels of energy efficiency ranging from A, the most efficient, to G, which would be the most consuming.

Therefore, it is not the same to compare a refrigerator A and one B, than to do it between one A and one G. However, if what you are looking for is to save as much as possible with your refrigerator, the ideal is for the appliance to be energy efficient A Those are always going to be the ones who are going to spend the least.

If you have an old device, one of those that could be classified as label G, you could end up with save about €250 a year if you decide to buy a more current one, with energy efficiency A. You could, in the medium term, recover the investment without problems.

Changes in the fridge to save

Controlling the consumption of the refrigerator is key

But regardless of how your refrigerator is, it is equally important to control consumption. You can take into account some interesting tips in order to spend less electricity. So you can save on your electricity bill and pay less each month when using this appliance.

Something important to save light when using the refrigerator is choose the location very well. It is best that you do not put it too close to the wall, or to any piece of furniture right behind it. It is important that you do not rebound the heat that it gives off, since that will make you need to consume more to maintain the temperature.

It is also essential that you avoid opening it a lot. Every time you open the door, the refrigerator will lose temperature inside and will need to recover it. When you go to get something from inside, try to do it as quickly as possible and don’t leave the door open while you do other things.

You shouldn’t put hot meal. That will cause you to have to work harder to lower the temperature. The opposite case is to put something frozen, since that will even help to reduce consumption, even if only for a while. You can always use a smart plug to control consumption, although sometimes you will have to troubleshoot Wi-Fi repeaters in case you do not have coverage.

Therefore, as you can see, having an energy efficiency A refrigerator can save up to €250 per year. It is important to always choose very carefully which appliance to buy and make sure that it is efficient. This will allow you to spend much less electricity and avoid overpaying.

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