Adjust qBittorrent and download Torrent without affecting other programs

Downloading files in Torrent format is something we have been doing for many years. For both professional and more personal content. Thus, P2P networks and their corresponding clients, such as qBittorrentThey have been very helpful to us.

Surely many of you already know first-hand that we use this type of program to download large files. In addition, current customers present us with a good number of functions that will allow us to fully customize these tasks. Among the many programs of this type that we can use, the aforementioned qBittorrent is one of the most popular and used proposals around the world.

All this is largely due to all the functions it offers us, its reliability and good operation in general terms. However, if we do not know how to configure this application correctly, the download of torrent files it could affect the rest of the team. Specifically, we mean that other programs that we have running do not work properly or as we expect. It is precisely for all this reason that below we will talk about a series of changes that you can carry out to avoid this problem.

In this way we will be able to use the P2P client without its downloads accepting any operation of the rest of the PC and its programs.

Program hours and days of operation

We have already told you that this type of programs They offer us a good number of functions to customize them. In the case of qBittorrent we only have to go to the Tools / Options menu option. In the new window that appears we are going to find a good number of categories and their corresponding parameters that we can change and customize.

Once we know this it is important to know that this torrent client allows us to program both the days of the week and the hours in which it will be put into operation. This is something that we achieve in a simple way from the Speed ​​section.

qBittorrent speed

Once we activate the functionality as such, we only have to specify the days of the week, in addition to the start-up and shutdown time. This will allow us to program the client to start uploading or downloading content when we are not working. For example, it’s a good time is leave the PC on and that the application works at night.

Set limits on qBittorrent

In the event that we do not want to leave the program on all night, or simply that it is running if we are not ahead, we have another solution. So that the downloading and uploading of content does not affect the rest of the applications, we can always limit the bandwidth that it will consume.

In this way and from the same window that we discussed previously corresponding to the program settings, we go back to Speed. Here we are going to find four parameters that allow us to define in a personalized way the global and alternative limits of rise and fall. Everything will depend on the connection we have and the amount of bandwidth we want to leave for this client.

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