After Twitter, Elon Musk wants to “buy back Coca-Cola to put cocaine back in”

While Elon Musk is already CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, and founder of The Boring Company and Neuralink, the richest man in the world now owns Twitter. Elon Musk is already considering his next takeover, Coca-Cola.

Elon Musk will pay a lot of taxes

Last Monday, Twitter accepted Elon Musk’s takeover offer of 41 billion euros, after only a few days of negotiations. The social network will thus leave the stock market to be privatized, and Elon Musk has already announced many changes to come in the coming months. We know, for example, that the social network should become a platform that better respects freedom of expression. Twitter is also expected to authenticate all human users soon, get an edit button for tweets, and offer end-to-end encryption in private messages.

On his personal account, Elon Musk polled his followers on several occasions about the new things they would like to see happen on Twitter, and the billionaire does not hesitate to make a few jokes. He had notably proposed to remove the letter “m” from Twitter, and has justannounce a new purchasing project: Coca-Cola.

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Elon Musk wants cocaine back in Coca-Cola

The world’s richest man announced on Twitter on Wednesday that he was considering buying the famous soft drink maker Coca-Cola for ” put the cocaine back in the drink “. For those who don’t know, in the late 1800s, cocaine was used as the main ingredient to flavor Coca-Cola. The amount of cocaine added to the drink slowly decreased over time until it was removed from the ingredient list entirely in the early 1900s.

However, the drink today still contains coca leaf extract, but it is a decocainized version made in the USA. The remaining raw cocaine is used by some pharmaceutical companies to manufacture drugs.

To recontextualize this joke, it was first posted on Instagram by influencer “shitheadsteve”. Elon Musk therefore only took up a popular meme on his personal account. The CEO of Tesla also shared another tweet announcing that he was going to buy McDonald’s to repair all the ice cream machines, to which he replied that he was not able to work miracles.

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