AirPods and Beats, which are the most expensive headphones?

Both the different models of AirPods and the different models of Beats are headphones from the Cupertino company, that is, Apple has two “brands” of headphones. Well, in this post we want to compare them to see what the prices are for each of the models and see, in this way, which of the two is more expensive, if the AirPods or the Beats.

Which ones cost more?

Of the two brands, it is clear that the one that has been on the market the longest is undoubtedly Beats, in fact, before being owned by Apple, was already a really recognized company in the world of music, being one of the most popular and with great prestige. However, in 2014 It was when Apple took over the company, and a few years later began its expansion into the world of music, especially with its headphones, the AirPods.

If we look at the prices of the models of both devices, although we will talk about it later, we can see how Apple has not wanted to differentiate them excessivelyIn fact, we can say that they have relatively similar prices and that they are in accordance with the benefits that each model offers users.

However, there is a clear difference if we focus on the two most expensive models. In the case of Beats, the most you will have to pay for a branded headphone is €349 which is what the Beats Studio3 Wireless cost. Turning now to AirPods, this amount rises considerably, having to pay up to €629 for the AirPods Max. Now, the truth is that at the level of specifications there is a clear difference between these two models.

These are the ones you can buy

The movement that seems to be carried out by Apple with the Beats is to focus them on small headphones, since the last great renovation of Over Ear headphones was the Beats Solo3. However, it is paying a lot of attention to the In Ear headphones, launching high quality products. In the case of AirPods, I think all users are aware of the great features offered by each of the existing models on the market. And that is exactly what we want to show you below, what are the available models of each “brand”.

  • Beats headphones available
    • Beats Studio 3 Wireless
    • Powerbeats Pro
    • BeatsFitPro
    • Beats Solo3 Wireless
    • Beats Studio Buds
    • BeatsFlex

Beats Studio Buds 2

  • AirPods headphones available
    • AirPods Max
    • AirPods Pro
    • AirPods 3
    • AirPods 2

AirPods 3

As for specifications, as we said, in Over Ear headphones, it is true that the AirPods Max are far superior to the Beats Studio3 Wireless or the Solo3 Wireless, however, in the In Ear models, the AirPods Pro are still superior to the Powerbeats Pro or Fit Pro, for example, or the differences between the Beats Studio Buds and the AirPods Pro are not, not remotely, so big. Also, it seems that more and more, Apple wants Focus Beats headphones on sportwith features designed exclusively for it.

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