AirPods, improved with iOS 17

WWDC 2023 has gone a long way, and it is certainly one of the events where the Cupertino company has been able to present more news, from the new operating systems to the products it has shown to the world. Among all this, Apple has also had time to give the AirPods Pro a spin, and in this post we are going to tell you all about it.

AirPods Pro will have a new function

The Cupertino company over time has been adding different AirPods models to its entire catalog, however, there is one of them that is surely the most popular among all users given the great versatility it is capable of offering, these are the AirPods Pro. Apple is aware of what a great product it has, and of course, always looking for ways to improve the experience users have with them. Well, that is just what he has done in this WWDC.

iPhone and AirPods ProThe great feature of the AirPods Pro is their noise cancellation, and it is that they have one of the best on the market, allowing users to isolate themselves from the outside world with just a squeeze on one of the earphone pins. Now, linked to this there is also ambient modewhich is something that is not initially valued so much, but once you try it, you really appreciate how well it works and, above all, how useful it is to be able to count on it on a day-to-day basis so you don’t have to remove your AirPods when you want to listen to something or have a conversation with someone else.

This is exactly what Apple has taken into account to improve the user experience offered by AirPods, although it must be said, it is not something that Apple has invented, since other competing headphones already enjoy it. The Cupertino company has presented adaptive audiothat is, a new way to control all the outside noise with your headphones.

As we said, until now either you had noise cancellation activated, or you used ambient mode, well, now you can make it the AirPods themselves are the ones that automatically switch between themThus, if you have noise cancellation activated and you are walking down the street, when you want to start a conversation with another person, you will not have to activate ambient mode manually, but rather the AirPods will detect this situation and automatically activate ambient mode without the user having to do anything at all. Without a doubt, this is a very positive advance since it will provide extra comfort when using these headphones, however, we will have to check how Apple has been able to implement it, since this solution is already available in other headphones and the truth is It is that it is not entirely comfortable, especially due to the latency between the activation of one mode and another. All of this will come with a new software update that will obviously affect AirPods as well.

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