Alexa, happy Halloween: Celebrate Halloween and Day of the Dead with these new commands

Alexa It has become a virtual assistant that, little by little, has reached many of the homes, making some household chores easier and more fun.

At each time of the year, Alexa has released an update full of new commands to celebrate the Halloween and Day of the Dead festivities to the fullest.

New features arrive on Halloween

The countdown begins! And to find out how much time is left, suffice it to say, Alexa How many days until Halloween?

The ghost detector is another of the novelties that we find in this update, which is activated by saying “Alexa, launch Ghost Detector”, a video game where a new ghost will appear every day and the main mission will be to discover them.

You like the horror movies? With the function, Alexa comments on horror movies, it will recommend horror movies to watch at this time, also, there is another minigame where we must guess which movie it is just with what Alexa is telling us.

Music for Halloween

If you like to play music alluding to the holiday, just say “Alexa, Open Halloween Music”, and automatically Alexa will start playing with sounds related to this date.

Ghostly scream

If you’re looking to scare someone with your Amazon device, just say “Alexa, start spooky Scream”, and it will automatically start playing hair-raising screams.

Horror stories

You want to hear horror stories? Just say “Alexa, ask Boo Bot for a scary story”, with this, he will begin to tell a story.

Harry Potter fan?

Harry Potter Sometimes it is associated with these dates and with the Skill, Alexa spell books, the device will assign a special spell to each person and their description.

Not sure what to dress up as?

Alexa gives you many ideas to dress up at this time, just say “Alexa, Open the costume ideas of Halloween”And will start giving us costume options.

You enjoy history?

A skill to learn about these dates, is activated by saying, Alexa, open facts of HalloweenWith this, it will begin to give us historical data about what happened on these dates.

Haunted houses

If you want to enter the haunted house experience And apart in multiplayer mode, just enough to say, Alexa, open the haunted house to start a game that takes us into the experience of trick or treating until we reach that mysterious house.

Halloween games

There are two games that have become popular lately, one of them is “Alexa, open Escape the room” to take us into a room in which we have to go out using clues and riddles, another is “Alexa, Open Halloween” feel the pressure This is about answering questions related to Halloween, the first rounds are simple but little by little it increases in difficulty.

With all these skills we can spend these dates in a more thematic way and in the company of Alexa, we will have to wait to see what other options it offers us or what it does for Christmas.


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