All the Batman movies and the best order to watch them

Batman: The Movie (1966)

The television series goes to the cinema with the same style camp and bright. Adam West keeps sticking his guts out as Batman and Burt Ward is his faithful Robin.

It is practically a long episode of the classic series, in which the most famous villains of the saga: Joker, Catwoman, The Penguin and Enigma team up to make life miserable for Bruce Wayne.

If you liked the series, it is quite a curiosity, with some elements of comedy much more intelligent and fun than it seems at first glance. Take a look at the bomb scene that we have given you above, it perfectly defines the tone of the film and the series.

Batman (1989)

The anticipation for Tim Burton’s Batman was brutal. When it became known that Michael Keaton would be Bruce Wayne, a lot of eyebrows rose, because it was not the face or body that was expected for the Dark Knight.

Burton does what he does best, paint the character in darkness, which is what suits Batman best, while Jack Nicholson plays a joker for the story … until Heath Ledger came along.

The movie is highly recommended. Crowds of children waited for Batman like May water, however, the story was adult and dark. But it was successful at the box office, so despite the doubts, they decided not to touch what worked and repeated the formula.

Batman Returns (1992)

Tim Burton, legitimized by the success of his previous installment, throws more ingredients from his usual stew.

A movie christmas with the most terrifying Penguin played by Danny De Vito, the best Catwoman of history with Michelle Pfeiffer and a haunting Christopher Walken, playing the evil Max Schrek (after the name of the actor who brought Nosferatu to life).

The second best Batman movie, but it did not convince the studio and it was “too much” for a production company eager to undermine the child, toy and toy sector. merchandising.

Batman Forever (1995)

Warner dispensed with Tim Burton to bring in Joel Schumacher and turn the franchise 180 degrees. The change in tone, both thematic and color, is clear and, at the same time, does not sit well with the character.

Is about a more kid-friendly Batman, with colorful decorations, characters and plot. Val Kilmer is a Bruce Wayne without any charisma, while Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones are Enigma and Two-Face as evil. That, by the way, the actors could not stand each other and Lee did not want to work with Carrey or see him or paint anymore. Nor do I blame him.

What’s more, Robin returns (Chris O’Donnell) next to the Crusader in the Cloak for a movie that not terrible, but not good. However, it got 100 million more revenue than Batman returns.

Batman and Robin (1997)

The same style of 90s party with neon and decorations, the same recurrence to put more and more characters.

George Clooney is a Batman that, above all, they remember the nipples of the suit. Schwarzenegger is Mister Freeze and Uma Thurman is Poison ivy, while Alicia Silverstone appears as Batgirl.

Its merits include being worst batman movie, 11 nominations for razzies, that Clooney apologized and put the franchise on hiatus for almost 10 years. Fortunately.

I think Chris O’Donnell never recovered.

Batman Begins (2005)

Nolan restarts the franchise and re-anchor Batman in the dark that best suits you, in addition to total realism. Goodbye to superpowers by anyone and a movie that breathed new life into the character.

The argument tells us the beginnings of batman and how he ends up facing his old master Ra’s al Ghul, played by Liam Neeson.

It’s a bit overrated, but at least it paved the way for …

The Dark Knight (2008)

The best batman movie. The fandom He was furious when he learned that Heath Ledger, a regular in youth romantic movies, would be the one Joker.

Then he surrendered at his feet, because his interpretation was masterful and his legend was enlarged, unfortunately, due to the tragic death of the actor.

Ledger took home the posthumous Oscar and the movie a ton of prizes and money, being the second-highest grossing.

The Dark Knight: The Legend Rises (2012)

The closing of the trilogy is the weakest. Good choice of Tom Hardy as Bane, a pity that nothing was understood behind the mask.

Removing that, little. Has the honor of being highest grossing batman movie and having the most ridiculous death scene ever.

In general it is unsatisfactory, above all, having the impossible task of following in the wake of the Dark Knight.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Ben Affleck is a more mature (and more cycled) Batman, reinterpreting the character of Zack Snyder.

East crossover is lightly inspired by the legendary Frank Miller comic Return of the dark knight and the fight between the two superheroes.

To say that Batman is the most salvageable thing in the movie and the fight with Superman is very good.

The rest would have to be burned.

Justice League (2017)

A absurdity total. What should have been the DC event equivalent to the Avengers Marvel is a nonsense movie and boring.

An animated baddie as if we were still in the video games of the 90s and a convoluted plot, mutilated by the cuts of the production company and the reshoots by Josh Whedon. It ended as the rosary of dawn and is remembered more for the controversy between actors and director, in addition to the Henry Cavill’s computer-erased mustache.

Snyder vindicated himself with his Snyder cut, at least in front of his fans. The 4-hour movie you have on HBO Max by episodes went from bad to less bad.

Aside from all this, Affleck’s Batman appears briefly in Suicide Squad. It doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest fan of the bat, it’s not worth the torture to see it for two minutes.

The Batman (2022)

Robert Pattinson puts on the Batman suit and, again, the fandom He took up arms, but immediately remembered Ledger, so he gave him a vote of confidence.

A bruce wayne emo, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, an unrecognizable Colin Farrell as The Penguin, Paul Dano as a disturbing Enigma and Matt Reeves at the controls.

The hype It’s real thanks to the trailers and it looks like it will focus on the little-explored side of detective Batman.

Of course, there is also the batman of The Lego Movie, which was so successful that they made a movie of their own: The Lego Batman Movie. A lot of people like it, I found it passable and boring, but what do I know.

Also, from the Lego movie, there are up to 26 animated movies at the moment, which collect, with mixed success, some of the most famous story arcs in comics, such as Hush or The killer joke.

There is also one with the Ninja Turtles which, paradoxically, is not the worst.

In what order to watch the Batman movies

Batman and his Batmobile in Tim Burton's movie

Good question. The order depends a lot on taste, since, really, the main thing to take into account in this matter is watch the Burton and Nolan sagas in a row. The rest is expendable.

Thus, the ideal order would be:

  1. Batman (1989).
  2. Batman Returns (1992).
  3. Batman Begins (2005).
  4. The dark knight (2008).
  5. The rebirth of the Dark Knight (2012). You could stop here, but if you are batmaniac, then continue with …
  6. Batman v superman (2016) for the fight and the successful reinterpretation of Batman. With this seen, I would tell you to stop, which you probably want to do yourself. But, just in case, take a break from Snyder’s near-monochrome color palette.
  7. Batman: the movie (1966). If you have not seen the series, at least you have to live the experience of a colorful Batman in a costume that is sold in Haloween in Chinese stores. Exotic and historical.
  8. Batman forever (nineteen ninety five). If you haven’t seen it, you’ll think, “It’s not as bad as that guy from El Output used to say.” If that’s the case, you can move on to the worst two in any order you want.
  9. The Justice League (2017). If you can and you don’t have a life like me, the better Snyder cut extended on HBO Max.
  10. Batman and robin (1997). This is how you put the last nail in the coffin, your sanity and the franchise.

As you can see, the Batman movie saga is wide. We will have a new member soon and hopefully it will do well at the box office. So warm up with a good review of the best Dark Knight movies.

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