All the costumes that Spider-Man has worn throughout its history

All the Spider-Man suits in the comics

Let’s start with the outfits that gave life to this character through the comics. These are all the costumes that Spider-Man wore.

Classic Suit

The Spider-Man suit has undergone many changes throughout its history, although (almost) all had the same essence in common that started from the original: the colors red and blue (sometimes black), the cobwebs throughout the suit itself, the spider on his chest and big eyes on his mask. This is the costume that the character has been wearing since its inception, the most classic.

Symbiotic Suit

Another of the well-known Spider-Man suits is the one that paints almost his entire body black. A uniform known as symbiotic suit that he obtained by being transported with many other super and villains (Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, The Wasp, La Mole, Mr. Fantastic, Magneto, Ultron, Doctor Doom, etc) to another universe in the Secret Wars saga. Here, seeking to restore his suit to continue the battle, Spider-Man uses the wrong machine and unleashes a symbiote (the future Venom) that invades his suit and endows him with different new abilities.


One of the most curious uniforms of this super is known as Bag-Man. This “appeared” on the scene when Peter had to wash his only arachnid suit that he had at the time and, of course, he did not want to reveal his identity. So she put a bag over her head and went to the laundry with her.

Cosmic Spider-Man

During the “Acts of Vengeance” saga Spider-Man got the cosmic force of Enigma, giving him an unmatched power with which he could launch cosmic rays, fly, have superhuman strength or change the molecular structure of objects. These powers also changed the spider-man’s costume showing a constellation on his chest and preserving as the only trace of his old uniform the red of the mouth area.

Cyber ​​spider-man

Before the showdown with the Sinister Six, Spider-Man was injured in an arm. To help him and allow him to fight, Deathlok gave him a cyber suit with different enhanced powers.

Negative Spider-Man

If you are a fan of comics you will remember when Spider-Man had to enter the Negative Zone. At that precise moment his suit was altered, changing red for black and blue for white. A very different costume to what we had seen so far dress this Marvel character.


Norman Osborn implicated Spider-Man in different crimes that he had not committed and, for which, the Daily Bugle offered a bounty on his head. To try to prove his innocence, he developed 4 different costumes. After a while, when Spider-Man tried to “remove” them, Dan Lyons (the former Black Marvel) took them and gave them to 4 young misfits who, therefore, obtained the powers of the arachnid.


Another of the best known Spider-Man costumes is that of Iron-Spider. A suit designed by Iron-Man that had different versions and that endowed him with abilities such as: extremely high resistance to temperatures, shots, had nets with which he could glide, improved his vision, amplified his hearing capacity, etc. This costume was red and yellow, with a golden spider on the chest and bracelets on its 4 extremities. In addition, it had mechanical “legs” that protruded from its back.

Neon Suit

Spider-Man was also adept at being inconspicuous thanks to stealth. When he had to infiltrate the Fisk Tower to retrieve the Reverbium stolen by the Green Goblin he created a neon suit able to turn him invisible and resist the sonic attack of this villain.

Spider-Armor Mark II

In order to face Massacre, after losing his arachnid sense, Spider-Man developed a new version of his armor suit that allowed him to resist the impact of bullets among many other things. As you can see in the image, a fairly dark armor whose details glow yellow.

Future Foundation Spider-Man

In case you didn’t know, in the adventures of this super in the comics, Spider-Man formed a group with the old Fantastic 4 called Future Foundation. For this, a new suit was designed that mainly sported white and navy blue colors, along with shiny silver eyes, which was made of unstable particles. This uniform allowed him to change his appearance quickly.

Miles Morales

As part of one of the versions of the Spider-Verse, after Peter’s death, Miles Morales takes his role as successor in a suit given to him by the SHIELD foundation. This costume is mainly black in color, with red accents as part of the sleeves and the spider on its chest.

All the Spider-Man suits in the movies

Now is the time to move on to the costumes that Spider-Man has worn through his movies at the cinema.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3

Actually, the first Spider-Man suit in these films we see when Peter signs up for a wrestling match to test your powers and earn some money. However, we could say that the clothing that he takes in his first 3 films is mainly the original spider-man costume of which we had already told you. Although, it is true that it has minimal variations such as that the cobwebs are more in relief or that sometimes they are somewhat more silver, as if they were metallic.

Although, as you will surely remember, in Spider-Man 3 the protagonist changes his clothing for that of the symbiotic suit possessed by Venom forcibly. Reaching the end, he will get rid of it to return, once again, to his most classic version.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The version of the costume that we see in the movies of The Amazing Spider-Man They are a version whose base is inspired by the comic of Spider-Man: A great power. A suit whose elaboration is shown much more in detail than that of the other films and that has small modifications with respect to that of the “original” trilogy, retouching the cobwebs, changing the spider on his chest, a darker red color and the eyes. they lose their white color to have a mirror finish.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

The costumes Tom Holland has worn have been, perhaps, a little more “futuristic” than the rest of those we have seen so far in the previous films. Its most basic version, which we saw in Homecoming, now has a more tactical and modern look, with different gadgets like the cobweb launcher coming out of his wrists.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

On Far from home Spider-Man returns to release a new uniform in which the blue tones become almost black, the reds have a much more vivid hue and the spider on the chest includes white details to make it stand out much more.

Infinity war

On Infinity war It is where Peter first receives the Iron-Spider suit that Iron-man had built for him. This one has different technological accessories like the ones we already mentioned in the comics section.

These have been the most important costumes that Spider-Man has worn throughout his entire history thus far. Do you miss any? What is your favorite? Leave it to us for a comment just below.

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