All the options of the D-Link DCS-8635LH IP camera in video

All IP cameras from the manufacturer D-Link are managed through the free mydlink app, an application that is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, so it is compatible with all smartphones and also with all tablets that have these systems. operational. If you want to download the application to see all the available options, you can do it from here:



If we make a brief summary of its technical specifications, we can highlight that it has 2K resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) at 25 FPS, infrared night vision at a distance of up to 7 meters, it has two-way audio, it is motorized horizontally to cover the 360º and even has dual band WiFi connectivity and also Ethernet. Finally, this camera is IP65 certified against water and dust, so it can be perfectly installed in outdoor locations. The price of this camera is around 140 euros, a very competitive price if we take into account its technical characteristics.

Once we have learned about the app and its main features, we are going to show you the display options that we have available.

display options

This Cloud IP Camera has a lot of really interesting display options to see everything in maximum detail. If we click on the real-time display menu, we will be able to see the following in the upper display bar:

  • Activate or deactivate the microphone of the camera itself.
  • Take snapshots (photographs) and save them locally on our smartphone.
  • Record videos on demand at 1440p resolution, it is stored on our smartphone.
  • Rotate the camera horizontally if we rotate our smartphone, using the gyroscope to rotate the camera easily and quickly.
  • Full screen. At any time in full or minimized screen we can “zoom” to enlarge the area that we want.

In the lower area is where we are going to find the rest of the camera display controls, specifically we have:

  • Activate the microphone of the smartphone to speak to the other side of the camera with the speakers.
  • Activate the siren, either for humans or for animals.
  • Change the resolution from 1440p by default to 720p optionally.
  • Preselection of the areas that we want to show.
  • Point to go: allows us to configure a thumbnail of the panorama to move the camera where we want. Make a complete panorama of the room and then go directly where you want.
  • Rotate the camera to view everything around us.


When we are in the display menu, in the upper right part we have direct access to the content recorded on the micro SD card of up to 256GB capacity, in case we do not have a card inserted, we will not be able to see anything. In the “Events and video” section we can see everything that has happened with the camera, and even see video clips that it has recorded and that are hosted on the micro SD or in the cloud of the manufacturer D-link. In this menu it will also tell us if it has detected a person, vehicle or simply a movement or sound in general.

In the settings section of this camera we have the following options:

  • Privacy mode: if the camera is activated it does not allow you to view anything, if it is deactivated you can record everything and notify about events.
  • Movement and people detection: allows you to configure the sensitivity of the movement detection, it also allows you to configure the automatic tracking of people in case of detection.
  • Point to go: allows you to configure this option, it is the same one that we have in the display menu.
  • Siren timeout: Allows you to set the siren with 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 90 seconds duration when jumping.
  • Storage: allows cloud recording and/or storage on the micro SD card.
  • Camera microphone: activate or deactivate.
  • Color night vision: thanks to its high brightness sensor, this camera allows you to see in low light conditions in full color. Here we can configure the behavior of the camera, if we want automatic so that the camera is in charge of activating/deactivating the infrared, or leave it always activated to never have the infrared or deactivated to always have the infrared (and the image is blank). and black).
  • Anti-flicker: 50Hz or 60Hz.
  • Pan Control: Allows you to swipe to move the camera, and even allows you to reverse the swipe. It also allows the “press” option.
  • Status LED: enable or disable.
  • Designated contact: allows you to configure the designated contact that will appear in the enriched notification in case of motion and/or sound detection.
  • Wi-Fi: allows you to see the WiFi network to which we are connected, it also allows you to change the WiFi network without having to reset the IP camera.
  • Time zone: allows you to configure the time zone of the camera, by default it is configured automatically.
  • Firmware: current firmware version and firmware update policy.
  • ONVIF: Allows you to enable or disable this feature, to control the camera through an NVR by software or hardware.
  • MAC ID: It is the MAC address of the IP camera.
  • Reboot the device
  • Delete the device: the camera is restored to factory settings.

As you can see, we have a large number of configuration options in this home Cloud IP camera.

Detection Options

Regarding the detection options of this camera, it allows a wide variety of detections, although not all of them can be activated simultaneously. Regarding the detection through the image, we have:

  • vehicle detection
  • people detection
  • Motion detection in general.

We can choose vehicle and person detection together without problems, but if we choose “motion” in general, the other two options are deactivated, so it is something that we must take into account.

Regarding detection through sound, we have:

  • Glass breakage detection.
  • Sound detection above a certain threshold.

These two options are mutually exclusive, that is, either we choose one or the other, but both options cannot be chosen at the same time.

In the following video you have all the details about the display options, configuration settings, the possibility of adding different automations with the detection of people, vehicles, movement in general, glass breakage detector and sound detector in general. This camera is one of the most complete that we can buy at a domestic level.

You can buy them at the best price here:

As you have seen, this camera has a large number of really interesting configuration options, ideal for being very versatile and adapting perfectly to all circumstances.

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