This happens if you have slow internet and you buy a new router

Have slow Internet? maybe you consider buy a router to improve. In this article we are going to explain what can happen if you buy a new device to connect to the network. We are going to show you if this is really going to make the connection go faster or, on the contrary, you are going to continue with the same problems. That will help you decide whether to continue with the idea of ​​buying a new device or look for ways to improve the connection through other means.

Buying a router does not guarantee higher speed

He router We can say that it is a fundamental piece to connect to the Internet. Therefore, when we see that there is a problem with the connection, we can think about buying a new one to see if it improves. And yes, it may improve but you should keep in mind that it is not the only thing that will influence.

If he problem is coverageFor example, if you connect very far from the router, it is normal that the speed does not improve. As long as it is an excessive distance and the previous router did not have significant problems in emitting a signal, having a new one is not going to improve much in this regard.

Nor will it improve speed if the fault is in the receiver. Perhaps you are using a network card that does not support a lot of speed, is not dual band, or you are connecting by cable to a Fast Ethernet port, limited to 100 Mbps. In all these cases, even if you have the best router on the market, you are not really going to notice an improvement in the connection.

Yes, you can have a better connection in case the old router was limited. For example, it had Fast Ethernet ports or it did not have Wi-Fi 6 and the new one does. The latter can help you achieve higher top speeds, but it’s not really going to be a big change if what you had was normal speed problems for day to day.

Therefore, we can say that buying a new router to improve Internet speed is usually not the best idea. You should always take other alternatives to really improve the connection and prepare the ground. Once you have this clear, then you can opt for a new router, with better features, to achieve maximum speed and stability.

Tips for the network to work well

So what can we do to make the network work better and not have problems? The ideal is to see where the problem of everything is. You may be too far from the router or in an area surrounded by obstacles and other devices that may cause interference. That will inevitably cause the signal to go bad.

Our advice is that you mainly look for a good ubication both to the router and to the devices you use to surf the net. Avoid putting them near interference and obstacles that cause problems. Put it in a central place, from where the signal is distributed well, as well as in a high area.

You can too help you from other devices that help to improve the signal. For example, you can use a Wi-Fi repeater, Mesh systems or PLC device. You can always improve the fiber optic at home and have better Internet. In this way you can play online without cuts, watch streaming videos in maximum quality, etc.

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