Why using smart devices affects your WiFi and how to avoid it

Smart devices affect your Wi-Fi

Every time we have more connected devices to the router. They are smart devices such as televisions, light bulbs, household appliances of all kinds, etc. The point is that by having more devices connected, the connection can start to go worse. It doesn’t matter if you are making heavy use of the network or just connected.

But it is not only necessary to focus on smart devices of this type. Also think about computers or mobiles. Today in a family there can be a mobile for each member, perfectly. Sometimes even more than one. But if we add a laptop, tablet, maybe an electronic book… All this makes Wi-Fi may start to go worse.

This can cause there to be saturation. The router receives too many requests and cannot execute them correctly. It may start to go bad and you notice that it cuts out or the speed constantly drops. Although there can be many reasons, one of the causes may be that you have too many devices connected.

It is true that routers are designed to be able, in theory, to connect dozens of devices. But of course, that is not always true in practice. As you connect devices, you may notice that problems begin and you see that the connection is not going as you would like.

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What to do to avoid problems

It is very likely that you have smart devices in your house or plan to buy some. You may have doubts about whether the connection is going to go wrong or you may even already have that problem. What can you do? One solution is to have a good router. Current routers have greater capacity to connect devices.

In addition, it is important that this router is double band and you can use both to connect your devices and not have problems. In this way you will avoid so much saturation and you will not notice a drop in the quality of the connection when you have many devices connected.

You can also choose to control the bandwidth and reserve a part for certain devices. This will help you avoid problems if, for example, you need the television to receive good speed and quality to play Netflix in 4K. It’s a feature that comes with many routers.

One more tip is to connect the devices by wire when it is possible. For example a computer or television, which have Ethernet ports, you can opt for it. This will help you to have greater stability and that annoying cuts do not appear when you browse the net.

On the other hand, it is always good to remember that the router must be updated. Install the latest version of the firmware and that will surely help you solve certain problems that may arise and introduce some improvements in your connection.

In short, having many smart devices at home can become a problem for the connection. It is important that you take measures as we have explained and ensure that the wireless network always works in the best possible way.

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