All the ways to remove advertising from your Kindle

These models, at the time of writing this in Spain, are the new Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet.

In the first, you can save 10 euros (from 149.99 euros to 139.99 euros) if you buy it with advertising, while on the tablet you can save up to 15 euros (from 204.99 euros to 189.99 euros).

That way, you will have personalized ads and sponsored screensavers on your device. But, over time, you might get tired of them or they might get annoying, because you have to swipe on the ad to remove it, instead of going straight to reading.

Well, don’t worry, we’ll show you all the methods there are to remove advertising from your e-reader. We go from the simplest to the most complex.

Method 1. Pay to remove ads from your Kindle device

The first method it is the most direct and works 100% of the time. It consists of checking out and remove them in exchange for a one-time payment. Amazon always gives that possibility and to use it, do the following:

  1. Go to the Amazon page in your web browser and sign in to your account.
  2. Enter it and go to «Manage your content and devices».
  3. Choose “Devices» and then choose the device for which you want to remove advertising.
  4. In the “Special offers” section, click on the “Remove offers” option.
  5. you will get a pop-up with the price of removing ads from your Kindle, this will be the difference you saved when buying itthat is to say 10 euros in a Kindle Paperwhite and 15 euros in a Kindle Fire HD tablet.
  6. Select “Finish offers” and make the payment, which will be charged to your 1-Click method.

However, you may want to remove the ads, but not pay anything to do so. If so, you have a good chance of getting it.

Method 2. How to remove ads from your Kindle for free

Remove ads for free by talking to Amazon

If you don’t want to go through the checkout to remove the ads, it is possible to do so and the method couldn’t be easier. Consists in kindly ask someone from Amazon customer service.

Seriously, this is tricky though.

Quite a while ago, Kindle users discovered that if you contacted Amazon via chat, for example, and asked them to please remove the ads from your device, they would do so for free.

This is completely real, but we have a little problem, For some time now, Amazon is getting harder on the issue and no longer always accesses to remove the ads without going through the box.

What’s more, now they remind you that you can do it by paying the difference you saved and direct you all the time to the previous process. It seems that the policy has hardened, although we tell you the trick so you have more chances to get it.

The trick to remove ads from your Kindle for free

This consists of Say the device was bought for a child and you don’t want them to see ads.

Moreover, some users comment that the ideal and faster thing is to tell them the above and that you have seen advertisements on the Kindle that you do not consider appropriate for the child. It may be the cover of some book not suitable for them or something like that.

With the trick that we have told you before you will greatly increase the possibilities and it is rare that the free ads are not removed. However, it may happen that the person who attends you does not give in.

In that case, no problem. End the conversation so as not to waste any more time and contact us againLet’s see if you get another more compassionate representative.

Seriously, many users in forums and networks confirm that removing free ads from the Kindle is more difficult, but with patience and trying another person (if the first one doesn’t give in), you can get it.

Other alternative methods to remove advertising from your Kindle

Advanced Methods to Remove Ads from Kindle

There are some other methods to opt out of Kindle ads, but they already require going into hacker” Y We cannot be held responsible for whether they work or do not cause your Kindle to explode. (it won’t explode, but it probably won’t work too well).

However, we comment on them so that you know them or explore those ways, at your own riskif no one can believe that you have been able to have children with another person.

Remove ads from your Kindle by becoming a hermit

Another method of removing ads from your e-reader, although it seems obvious, is always keep your Kindle in airplane mode.

Without the Internet, it is impossible for there to be ads. There are real hermits who do it this way and just load books into their reader via the cable.

Functioning works, but of course, it is not a way of life.

Remove ads from your Paperwhite by manipulating the .assets directory

You should have stopped reading by now and be talking to Amazon, because it’s the best and fastest. But if you like to live on the edge and you’re one of my kind, who touches what you shouldn’t and then complains because “it doesn’t work”, here’s another method.

If you connect your Kindle to a computer and turn on the option to view hidden directories, you’ll notice that there is one called .assets. removing it and creating a new empty .assets folder, formerly you could remove ads usually.

This may not work for you, depending on the model you have. But I insist, better not try it.

Other ways to remove ads from your Kindle


There are still other ways to remove advertising from your Kindle, but they are almost riskier than the previous ones.

  • There are some scripts on Github that promise to remove such ads in the Paperwhites. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably have trouble using them. These scripts they usually fail like fairground shotguns, but sometimes they work. Warning once again: Don’t run anything on your computer that you don’t know exactly what it does. If you are not able to understand the code of the scriptsdo not take risks.
  • Theoretically, you can route the domains your Kindle connects to to serve ads to go to another website, such as your own server or a picture of kittens on the Internet, which will appear instead of the ad. you will need capture those advertising requests from your Kindle, a Raspberry and mount a DNS server on it (and if you want, another web server), to later tell your router to connect to that server. If you haven’t understood anything, even better. If you have understood it because you know about networks, the light bulb will have already turned on and you will be activating Wireshark or Burp to start with.

Finally, as a variant of the above, you can try to stop ads on your Kindle with a device like a Pi-hole (an ad-blocking Raspberry that you plug into your router).

This cuts off requests to ad servers, but the Pi-hole doesn’t get along with your Kindle. When it can’t connect, it keeps obsessively retrying and your battery will go to hell In an hour.

As you can see, there are quick and direct options to remove the ads from your reader, so there is no need to go to any trouble. If you use the tricks that we have told you when talking to Amazon, you already know how to remove advertising from your Kindle easily.

This article contains an affiliate link to Amazon but the decision to include it has been made freely and under editorial criteria, without attending to indications or requests from the company.

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