Also in 2021, Epic Games Christmas gifts are back

Epic Games is certainly tastier at Christmas, also in 2021: this year too, in fact, we will review what is now a tradition on the online store of the creators of the Unreal Engine, the Christmas Gifts in the form of free games.

In fact, 15 different video games are arriving, one a day, in the period between 16 and 30 December.

Also in 2021, Epic Games Christmas gifts are back

We are now in the third year of this initiative from the creators of Fortnite, so we can almost start talking about tradition.

According to user Billbill-Kun on DeaLabs, the first of the free games should be Shenmue III, single player action-adventure game released in 2019. This is the only Epic 2021 Christmas Presenting title that we know the name, at least for now. According to this source, the most interesting title should arrive on Christmas day: even between a roast and a panettone, therefore, we try to find the time to redeem the gift of the day.

The offer, in fact, has a duration of only 24 hours for each title: it starts at 17.00, Italian time, and ends at 16.59 the following day. With the latest game as a gift, however, we will return to the classic formula to which Epic Games Store has accustomed us of one game a week.

To redeem the gifts it is sufficient to have an Epic Games account, and you can do it both from the launcher on PC and Mac and via the web, even from our smartphones.

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