Although they look like Photoshop, these 10 paintings are made with Paint

In this sense, there are users who are looking for applications that offer them simple retouching functions. There are also many other professionals who are dedicated to this type of task and require complex software, as is the case with Adobe’s proposal. There are also many others who are looking to be able to carry out their own digital drawing projects in the best way. It is evident that here we can also choose between many software solutions depending on what we are looking for, or the level we want to obtain.

But let’s not be fooled when it comes to making design or drawing tasks on the computer. With this, what we want to tell you is that apart from the functions that each program makes available to us, we ourselves have a lot to say. We mean that the creativity and patience that we have will be a determining factor when it comes to obtaining spectacular results. In fact, sometimes we are going to find some samples in the form of drawing files that seem to have been developed with high-level programs.

However, we later found out that its creators have achieved these striking drawings from a program as simple as the one included in Windows, Paint. It is true that, for example, Photoshop will greatly facilitate certain design tasks. But as we say, with imagination and patience we can achieve drawings as striking, or more striking, than those we could do in the adobe program.

Drawings made with Paint that look like Photoshop

Precisely so that you can get an idea of ​​what you can carry out in a program as simple as the aforementioned Paint, we are going to show you some spectacular designs below. Although it may not seem like it at first, these drawings are made using the functions proposed by the Microsoft program on Windows. Of course, it is to be assumed that its authors have spent a good amount of time on all of this. In the same way here experience and patience also go a long way.

Bird: First of all, we find a portrait of a bird that doesn’t look like it was done in Paint.

bird paintingAudi A5: car lovers will surely know how to appreciate the effort of this design of an Audi A5.

Audi A5santa claus: Although we are far from Christmas, here is a video of how a portrait of Santa Claus was drawn in the Microsoft program.

woman portrait: speaking of portraits, this realistic design it looks like something out of an exhibition instead of being done with Paint.

painting womanMona Lisa: surely many of you know more than enough about this popular painting, let’s see how it was drawn in the Windows design program.

Luke Skywalker: something similar happens with the well-known character of the Star Wars.

Luke SkywalkerMorgan Freeman: And continuing with the cinematographic world, designed in Paint, here we have an actor that you all know for sure.

Morgan FreemanPaintPikachu: what to say about this well-known character of the series Pokemon with its characteristic yellow color.

PikachuThe Blues Brothers: surely the veterans know very well this peculiar music group that marked an era.

Blue's BrothersSpiderman: and we are going to finish with this other spectacular video of the design process of SpiderMan in Paint.

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