Always get the color tone you want using these color pickers

These tools are especially used by designers and other professionals due to their ease, since no prior experience is required and the task can be completed in a short space of time.

Programs to find the exact shade of color

Next, we are going to see different programs that we can use as a color selector for Windows and that we can use to obtain the desired color that we need at each moment.

ColorMania, free color picker for professionals

We talk about a color selection software for windows, capable of supporting various models and color tones anywhere on our screen. To help us with the work, it incorporates a magnifying glass with which it will be much easier for us to obtain the level of precision that we need at all times and can be used together with other programs dedicated to editing such as Photoshop or Gimp. To begin with, we must download ColorMania for free from its website.

Once in its main menu we find a preview pane in the upper left part where it will show us any color that we select, so we will only have to click with the right button to be able to customize the color of the text.

ColorMania panel preview

Right next to it we have the panel of RGB color space with the Red, Blue and Green tones, being able to obtain the desired value just by moving the slider bar or selecting it directly from the circle. Another option is to add the desired value between 0 and 255 ourselves to get the exact hue we need. Below the RGB panel, we have an HSV color panel, from which we can adjust the saturation, hue, and color values.

ColorMania RGB Panel

If we look just below its preview panel we find a tab from which to select the desired color formatbeing able to choose between:

  • HTML color codes (Hex/CSS)
  • delphi hex
  • VB Hex
  • C++Hex
  • RGB values
  • RGB% values
  • CMY
  • CMYK
  • HLS
  • Photoshop
  • powerbuilder
  • Android Transparent Format
  • HSV values
  • CSS RGBA format

ColorMania color format

In the lower part we have a color box that when clicking on them with the right button allows us to save the color that we have selected in the palettebeing possible to save a complete palette and reload it when we want to change between them.

ColorMania save color

Finally, in the lower right part we have the color grabber which, thanks to its box in the shape of a magnifying glass will show us a content preview of a color just below so that we can choose the exact color.

ColorMania magnifying glass

As we have mentioned, ColorMania is compatible with editing programs such as Photoshop or Gimp, so it will only be necessary copy the corresponding code each value to paste it into the desired application. We will do this by clicking on the Copy button located on the left.

ColorMania copy color value

Color Converter, simple and effective converter

With the help of this free color selector software we will be able to convert RGB values ​​to HTML/TColor codes and vice versa, being able to represent any color in both formats and convert between different color formats since it has different color selection and preview tools to check the results obtained. We can download Color Converter from its official website. It will be free for personal use, if it is for professional use we must pay its license that has a cost of 9.90 euros.

The tool is quite simple, since we will only have to insert the necessary values ​​to be able to convert them from one format to another and copy the obtained codes to the clipboard. On the right side we have RGB valuesso we can set the value we need or select the tone by sliding the bottom bar of each one.

RGB Color Converter

Once we have obtained the desired values ​​we can click on the copy bar that we find right next to it and in this way to be able to paste it in the desired program in order to be able to represent the chosen color.

Color Converter bar to copy

On the right side they indicate the HTML and TColor values ​​with their corresponding icon to be able to copy them to the clipboard. Just below we can select if we want to do the conversion Html to RGB/TColor or of TColor to RGB/Html.

Color Converter TColor and HTML

Finally, at the bottom right, there is a Color palette which allows us to select specific colors from our desktop.

Color Converter color palette

Color cop, simplicity by flag

We are talking about a practical color selection program, through which we will be able to get hex code and RGB corresponding to any tone that we see represented on our screen. The application has a version in Spanish and is portable, so it does not require any type of installation on our computer. We can download Color cop for free from the developer’s website.

Its operation is very simple, because once executed a small window appears that shows us all its content. To the left we cans set the RGB values, displaying the result in the right panel. Right next to it we find different shades that we can click to add to each of the values.

Color cup RGB values

If we click on the button Personal The color palette will open to us from where we can define the values ​​of any color that we need.

Color cup select color

On the left side we also have the magnifying glass icon through which we can increase the size of an area of ​​the screen 16 times, so that we can select a tone with the greatest possible accuracy, being collected in the window on the right.

color cup magnifying glass

Color picker in PowerToys

PowerToys are open source tools developed by Microsoft and aimed at Advanced users. With them we will have new features to get the most out of the Windows Shell, as well as the customization of its workflows. We can download it for free from the GitHub page.

Once downloaded and installed, we open the application and we will find its configuration menu. Here in the left column click on the Color Picker section and click on Enable the Color Picker.

PowerToys activate color picker

Later we can establish a direct access through a keyboard shortcut and that we can edit and the behavior to perform the activation.

  • open editor: Opens the editor directly. This allows us to choose a color from history, adjust a selected color, or capture a new color by opening the color picker.
  • Select a color and open the editor: This option opens the Color Picker. After selecting a color, the editor opens and the selected color is copied to the Clipboard.
  • Just choose a color: Open Color Picker alone and the selected color will be copied directly to the Clipboard.

PowerToys color picker activation behavior

The default color format is HEX – ffa00 although we can click on its drop-down menu to be able to select other options such as RG, HSV, HEX, among others.

PowerToys default color format

Once the Color Picker is open, we simply have to hold the cursor over the color that we want to copy and click with the mouse to select a color that will be stored in the Windows Clipboard with the format that we have configured.

PowerToys color editor

By using the editor we can see the history of selected colors and copy its representation in any predefined string format. Also adjust any selected color or get a new similar color. It also has a preview with two light tones and two darker ones.

PowerToys select color

Clicking on any of those alternate colors will add the selection to the history of selected colors. Here we see how the color of the center represents the currently selected color in the color history. If we click on it, the fine-tuning setting control will appear. Now we can change the HUE or RGB values ​​of the current color. Lastly, pressing “To select”it will cause the newly configured color to be added to the color history.

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