Amazon is considering a version of Prime Video with ads

Amazon is looking for new ways to expand its advertising business and Prime Video seems to be the starting point for it. the platform of contents It works differently in the US than in Spain, but changes in your home country could also cause changes in the way we consume the service in Spanish territory. This is what he is up to.

Growing but with cuts

As collected in wsj, things are not going badly for Amazon advertising level. In the first quarter the company entered 9,500 million dollars, which represents a growth of 21 year-on-year. In that sense, it is the third company in terms of digital advertising revenue in the US, only behind Google and Meta.

With such numbers, it would be logical to think that it does not need to look for new advertising channels, however, in the latest cost reviews carried out by the firm, the consequence was the dismissal of tens of thousands of people -which is said soon.

Amazon Prime Video Home

Amazon is therefore in the continuous search for new ways to optimize their accounts and between them, there is now active discussion about modifying the way in which they currently offer content on demand on their streaming platform.

Ads on Prime Video?

The idea is to generate more income from entertainment and that happens by introducing ads in Prime Video. This was confirmed to WSJ by sources close to the core of the discussion, indicating that the company has been considering this new method of monetization for weeks, especially considering that advertisers are willing to appear in more movies and more premium content, which is what tends to attract audiences. more public.

In the US you can currently access Prime Video in two ways: either by paying the Prime fee -just like in Spain- or simply by paying a cost (less than the Prime subscription, of course) for accessing only the content platform. With the changes that Amazon could introduce would include a new possibility: That the current plans as of a certain date have announcements and that the users who do not want to see them pay more.

As we pointed out a few lines above, it is true that in Spain The content model is slightly different, but that does not prevent this business change from expanding little by little and ending up reaching other markets. After all, if something works in one country, they will apply it in the rest, to try to maximize income also internationally.

Do not rule out therefore see changes in the current Prime Video plan in our country with an increase in the fee in exchange for not seeing ads in the future. We will see.

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