Amazon products at discount prices, beware of this alleged scam

Amazon is known for being one of the safest trading platforms in the entire globe. Added to the platform’s purchase guarantee is the strict registration process that stores have to go through to sell products on Amazon. But not all that glitters is gold. Recently, dozens of users have reported multiple scam attempts by third-party vendors . In fact, our colleague Victor Manzhirova has been able to verify this type of fraud in his own flesh. The origin? An LG OLED TV at a bargain price.

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Products at cost price, this is how the alleged scam is forged

A short OLED TV search session helped our coordinator to find an LG TV OLED 55CX6, a 55-inch TV from LG valued at more than 1,000 euros. The price at which it could be bought on Amazon through a third-party seller (Korbfreude GmbH, specifically) was practically half: 600 euros .

After checking that the product entered the Amazon, which guarantees the condition and shipment of the TV and that the seller had three or four positive transactions and an average rating of 5 stars out of 5, our colleague decides to make the purchase at the risk of being a specific error. At the end of the day, the platform itself guarantees the refund of the full amount if the order is canceled or the status of the product does not correspond to what was agreed.

Just a few hours later, the seller cancels the order and the money is refunded to the account following the traditional process of the platform . Up to this point, the way to proceed is the usual one in these cases. The alleged scam begins precisely from this moment.

After a few minutes, Korbfreude decides to contact our colleague through the registered email address in Amazon , action that is not allowed according to the conditions of use of the platform.

Capture of the emails sent by the Amazon seller.

Both the shapes and the appearance of the email in question perfectly simulate the appearance of an official Amazon email . The content of the message reads as follows:


We made a mistake, we canceled your order.

We are sorry and we will be very happy if you can give us the opportunity to renew your order.

The money was refunded to your account in full, you can verify your account today or tomorrow at more take.

We have in stock this item which are interested in buying.

For the inconvenience created we will offer free delivery to your home.

We sincerely apologize and thank you once again for your understanding.

If you want to renew your order, please reply to this email.

We wait your answer.

Thank you for understanding!

Korbfreude GmbH

When in doubt, our colleague decides to pull the thread by replying to the email that he is still interested in buying the television on offer. The response obtained is the following:

Hi Victor,

Thank you for your order in Amazon Marketplace with Korbfreude GmbH.

The date Estimated delivery is indicated below.

Delivery: Tuesday, January 26 – Friday, January 29


Order No. 407-8822385-5146758


Condition: New

Listing ID: 7512HWY7GF7

Quantity 1

Price: EUR 600.00

Shipping: EUR 0.00

Payment method:

Our central department has requested that the payment be made by bank transfer to our Amazon payment account. Amazon will secure payment until the buyer receives, verifies and accepts the item (s). Otherwise, Amazon will refund the payment to the buyer.

Make a payment of EUR 600.00 before the deadline of 01/26/2021 to the following bank account:

Bank Account Details:

Account Holder: JNG


Open Bank SA


Please specify the following unique number in your payment description: JNG-454-923 (do exactly that!)

We are waiting for your payment confirmation.

What would happen next if we decide to send the payment to an external checking account is the obvious in these cases : the seller removed to your Amazon account and the platform disregards any payment made through unofficial channels. In fact, the seller has disappeared from Amazon after a few days, probably not to leave a trace of the sales or because of the wave of reports sent by other users.

    And it is that a brief search in Google will help us to know the case of some of the people Affected by this type of fraud: cameras, televisions, mobile phones and high-cost electronic products.

    The Amazon Mail Scam, what you should not do

    Amazon is already aware of this type of fraud hatched on its behalf. In fact, the platform has a section on the Amazon Pay website where some tips are given to avoid falling into the famous Amazon mail scam.

    First, Amazon emphasizes in which the official emails of the platform are sent only through the public domains of Amazon. The list of domains belonging to the company includes the following addresses:

    • pay.amazon.es
    • pay.amazon.com/en
    • payments.amazon.com/en
    • authorize.payments.amazon.com/en
    • eu.account.amazon.com

    The company also emphasizes the grammar and misspellings of the emails, as well as the files that are attached (images, executable programs …). Of course, all payments made on Amazon must be managed through the platform options, never through bank accounts, PayPal accounts or international payment services , such as MoneyGram or Western Union.

    Bank information, such as credit card numbers or bank accounts, will not be requested either. If in doubt, Amazon recommends contacting the platform’s customer service directly , which we can access through the platform options or through the number 911 23 04 13.

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  1. Hello,
    I have knOWN EXACTLY THE SAME FRAUD WITH the following message. Unfortunately, as it was on amazon es mail I trusted it, i believed it was filtered, for the moment I could not have my money returned. If we gather our fraudes maybe we could put those thieves (or this thief=HINOJOSA HERNANDEZ ISMAEL ) in jail!!!!
    : Hello,

    Order confirmation
    Amazon Buchbot member initiated a new transaction through Amazon Payments as a seller and registered more freely as a buyer. We will notify you as soon as your items have been shipped.

    Below you can find the expected delivery date.

    09 March
    12 March
    Delivery method:
    Standard Delivery

    Condition: New
    Sold by: Buchbot
    Made by Amazon

    Selected payment method:
    bank transfer
    Transfer of payment instructions:
    Our department has requested that payment be made by bank transfer to our Amazon payment account.
    Amazon guarantees payment until the buyer receives, reviews and accepts the items. Otherwise, Amazon will refund the payment to the buyer.

    Payment is due within the next business day and is fully refundable if the buyer declines the transaction.
    Transmission details:

    Account Name: Hinojosa Hernandez Ismael
    Name of bank: OPEN BANK, S.A.
    Account number IBAN: ES45 0073 0100 5006 4505 4598 Korbefreude : 407-8822385-5146758

    For payment purposes, simply enter “#35467099#”.
    Note: You can pay your invoice directly from your bank account, online or by phone!

    We will hold your payment until you send us confirmation that you have received and verified the items and wish to keep them. Once we receive your confirmation, we will send the payment to the seller.

    This is a private transaction between you, Amazon and the seller. All details of this transaction must remain confidential.
    Copyright 2021 Amazon, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Amazon.com, 410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210
    Please note: In order to mediate disputes and preserve user safety and trust, we will retain for two years all messages that both buyers and sellers send through Amazon.com. This includes your response to the message above. Amazon.co.uk uses filtering technology to protect buyers and sellers from fraud. Messages that do not pass these filters are not sent.

    We want you to shop with confidence at all times as you search for products on Amazon.co.uk. Learn more about safe online shopping and our Safe Shopping Guarantee.

      1. Thanks for sharing. I experienced the same issue. When I got the email to wire the money it rang a lot of fraud alerts in my head and I searched on google for the merchant name.

        What troubles me is that 5 months after your experience, the merchant (Korbfreude GmbH) still has a valid account.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing, sorry if there is capital letters but for some reason it seems there is no alternative.

    I’ve had the same issue in Amazon.ES, but mine goes a bit more extreme, I placed an order with this seller and it was cancelled, I contacted Amazon complaining since I’ve had several cancellations from different sellers on Amazon. They said no worries will get in contact with the seller and they will reply in 48h on why the order was cancelled.

    so when i received the message from this seller asking if i wanted to place the order again for me it was normal and of course I said yes, they then sent me the details for the bank transfer and even though my scam flags raised I checked the email it’s from amazons’s marketplace and there is a notice saying all messages are filtered and if they are none compliant they won’t be sent. So I was, ok then this is fine.

    Obviously it wasn’t… today when I sent an email as usual i receive a message from amazon seller is no longer in the marketplace!!!
    went straight to amazon and now waiting for their special department to tell me if they’ll refund me.
    also going to the police to report this.

    now the worst is i complained to amazon regarding the order being cancelled and they are aware of the issues with this seller and no one told me anything. they said “We will reach out to the seller and he will contact you by amazon email in regards to this order”!

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