Amazon tricked me into trying this shipping method; now I return the purchases like this

Amazon He has a gift for importunism. You are in a meeting, and a package arrives. You are making food, or eating, and a package arrives. You’re trying to nap the baby, and the package arrives. Despite this, receiving the packages at home, and totally free, is very comfortable, so I have continued using this shipping method, and the other shipping options never caught my attention until Amazon deceived me.

A few weeks ago, Amazon launched a promotion for which it offered us 7 euro discount in exchange for receiving a package, which was sold and shipped by Amazon, at a delivery point instead of taking it directly home. An important discount that, in addition to informing you about it, I did not hesitate to take advantage of.

All right. The next day the order was in the SEUR delivery point that I selected (which I have next to my house), and without rushing, I went to pick it up. A quick process and they are problems with which I was quite happy. At first everything was there. I had the product I wanted 7 euros cheaper, and Amazon had managed to get me to try the collection points. But then I kept asking for more products at home, until I reconsidered.

Why do I have to keep an eye on the bell all day if I have the SEUR collection point next to home, and it is simply waiting for the product to arrive to go down for it? So I have used the office pickup several times, and all of them without problems. Now the ringing doesn’t bother me while I telework (and if they call, I ignore it because I don’t expect anything). And, when I finish the day, I go for the packages, I show the code, I pick them up and I go home with them.

Also for returns

But this has not stopped here. We all buy products on Amazon to “try it out” to see if we like it and if it’s not what we were looking for, we return it. The Amazon return process is the same as the shipping process, that is, they send a courier to our house, take the package, wait for it to arrive and pay us the money. All perfect.

But we are in the same situation, and it is that, again, Amazon has the gift of inopportunity when it goes to pick up the package, and it always arrives at the worst moment. Seeing how convenient it was to pick up a package at the SEUR delivery point (in my case, there are more collection points), I decided to also try returns. And the experience has been just as good. Simply indicate that you want to take it to a collection point, choose which one, and that’s it. You don’t have to pack it, you don’t have to print a label… you simply take the product, show a QR that Amazon provides, and that’s it.

Amazon return

In this way, you can take the packages that you do not want to the collection point when it suits you best, and you do not have to be aware of the bell, if the courier arrives, or anything else. You take it, you take a receipt with the follow-up home, and you don’t worry.

I have discovered a much more comfortable way to buy and return all kinds of products on Amazon. And all this because he tricked me into trying a service that didn’t interest me in the slightest, giving me 7 euros. We have all come out winning.

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