AMD Appoints Nick Lazaridis Senior Vice President of Sales EMEA, India and APJ

The Sunnyvale firm has confirmed the appointment of Nick Lazaridis as senior vice president of sales in EMEA, India and APJ. This new executive joins one of AMD’s most important divisions, and will report directly to Darren Grasby, who is AMD’s executive vice president and chief sales officer (CSO).

Lazaridis has served as President of EMEA for HP Inc, and with this new appointment he returns to AMD. In his previous stage within the Sunnyvale company he had managed regional sales for the Asia-Pacific region from 2009 to 2012. As confirmed by AMD, Lazaridis has more than 30 years of experience in high-tech business, he has led top-tier organizations and companies in mature and emerging markets globally, and is a respected professional.

Darren Grasby, Nick Lazaridis’ direct superior, has commented about this appointment that:

“Nick’s industry experience and deep understanding of global strategic engagements they will be fundamental to support the significant growth opportunities we see for the coming years.”

Lazaridis has a passion for personal development, education and sports. He has a strong understanding and appreciation of culture, having lived and worked in Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, the United States, China and Australia, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Wollongong, Australia, specializing in Law and Management.

It goes without saying that the profile of this professional not as technical as others, and this is especially noticeable in the educational training he has, but this does not mean that he has not learned things in this regard after so many years of experience in large technology multinationals. A position focused on sales and commercial aspects is far from the responsibilities of another focused on the more technological level, such as architecture design, but in the end both are necessary for a business to function.

We do not know the specifics of the agreement, so we do not have specific data on how long Nick Lazaridis could stay at AMD, nor the reasons why he has returned to said company or the salary conditions. In any case, it is clear that he returns to what was once his home, and If AMD has reopened the doors for it, it will be for a reason.

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