AMD breaks its tradition, its Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs will bring iGPU

It is not usual for its desktop CPUs, and unlike APUs, for AMD to incorporate some capacity as a graphics card inside. However, this could change when the first processors with Zen 4 architecture appear, since there is talk that the Ryzen 7000 will have an iGPU. What does this entail and what could be its implementation?

One of the differences between Intel and AMD is that in the case of the former, both their CPUs and their APUs are the same processor, only in the first case with the integrated graphics inside the processor disabled. On the other hand, in the case of Lisa Su, if we compare, for example, a Ryzen 5000G with a Ryzen 5000, we will see that one is made up of several chiplets and the other is monolithic, being, therefore, two different chips despite sharing technologies.

This would be the iGPU of the Ryzen 7000

Through a Tweet by Komachi Ensaka we have learned that the Ryzen 7000Codename raphaelthey will have inside a simple integrated GPU with RDNA architecture and a configuration of 2 WGP or 4 Compute Units at 1.1 GHz. this are 256 Compute Units and, therefore, a much lower figure than those incorporated in the Ryzen 6000, but more than enough so that in certain environments the purchase of an external graphics card is not necessary.

This means that the new IOD, the chip that is in the center of the processor and encompasses both the integrated memory controller to communicate in RAM, as well as some interfaces for some peripherals such as PCI Express or USB, will also have a Integrated GPU. Something that surprises us has not happened so far, from the moment the so-called Scalable Data Fabric who uses Infinity Fabric Interconnects it is the basis for intercom in AMD products. That is to say, it is the piece that is used to intercommunicate the elements of its CPU, APU and GPU, which among other things allows them to create customized versions for specific hardware such as video game consoles.

The addition of the iGPU in the Ryzen 7000 also involves a series of additional elements, such as the hardware video codec that despite being an independent unit is part of the GPU and the display controller. In any case, despite the fact that its configuration may seem very poor to us, it is much better than the one that Intel is using at the moment and that will surely be repeated in its Raptor Lake.

Why now there is integrated graphics and not before?

It is no secret that the Ryzen 5000 could bring an iGPU, and even the 3000, so this decision seems to have been influenced by the fact that low-end computer builders in order to save costs would not opt ​​for AMD’s solution. by having to add a graphics card as an additional component. It’s not just a cost structure issue, but also a lack of stock everywhere for graphics cards.

In any case, the inclusion of an iGPU in the Ryzen 7000 makes us wonder if we will see a Ryzen 7000G based on Zen 4 APUs for laptops when it is replaced or from AMD we will see it as two different products. Although the question to that answer we will know over time.

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