AMD is left without answering NVIDIA, where is RX 7800?

While NVIDIA does not stop launching in a scaled way the different chips of its Lovelace architecture for the RTX 40, that is to say: AD102, AD103, AD104 and very soon AD106. From the AMD side and its RDNA 3 architecture everything is summed up for the moment in two chips: Navi 31 for the RX 7900 and Navi 33 for the RX 7700. Which brings us to the next question: Where are AMD’s RX 7800 graphics cards found?

One of the biggest disappointments, fueled by rumors, was the clock speed that the RX 7900 achieves in the two versions that are on the market, XT and XTX. And it is that the jump from 7 nm to 5 nm for the GCD of the GPU also meant an increase in clock speed, which would be favored by having a much smaller chip. Reality? It was not like that and that led to the following conclusion: the gossips on the net had completely lied about the GHz that the new generation of AMD graphics cards reached. The answer of these? Talk about the fact that the situation had delayed the design of the rest of the range.

Where are AMD’s RX 7800 graphics cards?

That the RX 7000 has a design problem to reach high clock speeds became clear when AMD during CES presented its Navi 33 chip only for laptops, the so-called RX 7700S. However, they are not taking advantage of the non-existence at the moment of the mid-range RTX 40, which, honestly in terms of price, is far from it and continues in the range of a premium product.

AMD Radeon Render Graphics Card

That is to say, AMD right now has the perfect situation to attack NVIDIA and steal market share, and yet the products do not come out and we have no record of them. Which leads us to the conclusion that it is true that the architecture could have a problem with clock speeds that would have sent both the graphics card version of the Navi 33, the RX 7700, but especially the RX 7800, would have gone back to normal. design table before going into pre-production.

Such a problem would not have been something that the Radeon Technology Group would have noticed at the presentation, but much earlier, during the validation phase of the chips. So they would release the RX 7900 XT and XTX to meet the record, as well as the RX 7700 for laptops, and they would have decided to delay the rest of the chips so that they can achieve much higher clock speeds than in the first design. In any case, it can be said that they are late and it is a shame, since the lack of competition from NVIDIA means that prices are too high in the graphics card market.

But is there evidence that it is still in development?

We know the RX 7800 GPU hasn’t been cancelled, so rest assured, we’ll eventually see it hit the market. The parts that have not varied with the four MCD that allow you to have a 256-bit bus for a 16 GB GDDR6 configuration. It is the main chip that has undergone last-minute changes and we cannot state with absolute certainty what its configuration is.

The little that is known is that it will be located between the 32 Compute Units of the Navi 33 chip of the RX 7700 XT and the 96 of the Navi 31 chip of the RX 7900 XTX. The average term would be 64 physical units, but we do not know how many of them will be inactive in the final versions. In any case, it shouldn’t take long to see these graphics cards, especially given the fact that their NVIDIA counterparts are already available or are only a few weeks away from being available in stores.

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