An amazing new HomePod is on the way

When the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pronounces on the Cupertino company, you always have to be very attentive to what he has to say, and it is not for less, since the last bomb he has dropped has to do with a new HomePod completely redesigned. If you want to know more about it, he continues reading that we tell you everything in this post.

The HomePod is still very much alive

The HomePod has been on everyone’s lips for several months, and no wonder. Just a few weeks ago, the Cupertino company launched on the market the 2nd generation HomePoda renewal that very few expected, both for the moment in which it was produced and for the form, since in the end, behind the scenes, it is practically identical to the HomePod that Apple discontinued in March 2021.

Of course, it was undoubtedly great news, since in the end all those users who wanted to buy a HomePod had to go yes or yes to the HomePod mini, which although it is a fantastic device, does not offer the same, obviously , than a HomePod. This does not mean that for many, the launch of the 2nd generation HomePod was a disappointment, since many expected that the Cupertino company would launch it with a completely renewed designespecially since so many different concepts had been rumored.

Well, it seems that these concepts were not very misguided, not for this 2023, but for 2024, and it is that Ming-Chi Kuo has spoken about it, providing really hopeful information for all those who were waiting for a completely different HomePod than usual. According to this Apple analyst, the company’s plans include launching, mid 2024a new HomePod that, now, would undergo a great change with respect to what we have at the moment. In this hypothetical HomePod there would be a screen with which users could interact, even having a small camera to be able to make video calls. This screen would initially be focused on being able to control the entire home automation, something that, of course, has been rumored on many occasions and that seems to finally come true next year. As for the shape of the device, it also seems that it will change considerably, being much more elongated, shaped like a bean.

new homepod

Now, will the launch of this hypothetical HomePod mean the end of any of the current ones? Normally not, since, in theory and due to specifications and benefits, the three models could coexist perfectlysince they are capable of attacking both different audiences and needs, also being a fantastic opportunity to generate the synergies that Apple always seeks between its different devices.

The price is another of the questions about this future Apple product, and it is that according to the concept of a smart speaker that is rumored, it is designed so that there is one in the home, not as with the HomePod or HomePod mini, which in the end the way The ideal way to use them is with more devices connected in a stereo pair or through AirPlay, which may suggest that the price of this new HomePod may be quite high.

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