Anyone steals your Facebook or Instagram account, but that’s how you protect yourself

How to prevent your Facebook or Instagram account from being stolen

How can they attack your Facebook or Instagram accounts? A clear example is through Phishing attacks. What hackers do is send a fake email, with a link where they invite you to log in. But of course, by putting your data you are sending it directly to cybercriminals.

But they can also steal your accounts simply by fortune telling. Yes, it is still very common to use bad passwords. And by bad we mean anything you can memorize. For example, using your name or date of birth is a mistake. Also use a key that you are already using on another site.

improve your passwords

The first thing you should do is improve your passwords from Facebook and Instagram. Keep in mind that it is the main security barrier. It is the first thing that cybercriminals will break to enter your social networks. Therefore, do not make the mistake of using any password that may be weak.

A good key is one that is totally random. It uses letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols. That will help you significantly improve security. Avoid always using words that can relate to you or simple numbers to memorize, since that is a mistake.

Enable two-step authentication

Another important tip to prevent your Facebook and Instagram accounts from being stolen is to activate the two step authentication. This is essential to create a double layer of security. Even if someone managed to steal the password, they would need a second step to gain entry. It is usually a code that you receive by SMS or through an application.

Enabling two-factor authentication isn’t available on all internet platforms, but it is on Facebook and Instagram. You will be able to use it without problems and it is undoubtedly one of the measures that we most recommend to avoid problems.

Be careful where you log in

Of course, a key point is take care where you log in. Do not enter your accounts through links that you receive in the mail or SMS. You must always access from the official application and the legitimate website. This will prevent them from recording the password you put in and putting your privacy at risk.

But another important factor is not to leave the account open anywhere. In fact, one of the common mistakes that make it very easy for people to access your Facebook or Instagram is to leave the social network open on a public computer, for example. A good idea is to use an incognito window and just close it when you exit.

Avoid interacting with bots

The bots They are basically fake profiles that you can find on Facebook and Instagram. They pretend to be real people, but the truth is that they are fake. It is important that you do not interact with them, since sometimes they can send you false links or ask you for data that they use against you, such as a Phishing attack.

Therefore, our advice is that you do not accept possible bots as contacts that, either in the short or long term, could become a significant problem for your security.

Don’t link other apps

To your social networks you can link apps and pages. This can be useful to avoid having to log in or even register on those platforms. But of course, you are exposing information through your Facebook or Instagram accounts. In the short term, nothing may happen, but in the future you could have problems.

What can happen? That app you linked might have some vulnerability in a while. They could steal your personal data and even access your social network account.

In short, as you can see, you can take these tips into account to protect your Facebook and Instagram account. Avoiding problems that put your security at risk is essential. There are different methods to steal Facebook accounts, but luckily you can protect yourself at all times.

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