Which devices have better WiFi and which worse

Devices that work best over Wi-Fi

What devices work best when you connect them wirelessly? The difference can be noticeable if you connect a computer, for example, and an electronic book or similar devices. You can see that the coverage is less, the speed more limited and you can even start having problems at times.

If we start with something obvious, computers are the devices that will work best over Wi-Fi. They have a more powerful wireless network card, which allows them to establish a connection. Even if the internal card is not good, you can always buy an external one and connect it via USB. This will allow it to have a greater range and speed.

It is also necessary to mention the mobiles like devices that have good Wi-Fi. Especially in recent years, the latest models come with more powerful wireless network cards. They allow us to connect from further away, they are dual band and have a good capacity that is even comparable to a computer.

The tablets and televisions we could also include them, although they are usually one step below. Especially tablets, except for the most recent and mid-high range models, are usually more limited in this regard. Televisions, on the other hand, generally have good wireless coverage, but we can also always connect a Wi-Fi adapter to improve power if necessary.

What devices could we put in the opposite case, those with less capacity? There we can name devices like e-books and many others IoT devices, like smart light bulbs for example. Also printers, something common, tend to be more limited. They are computers that are not designed to surf the net, but simply to fulfill a function or connect to other devices. So in these cases the speed doesn’t matter so much and sometimes the coverage doesn’t matter either.

How to optimize your connection

As you have seen, there are devices that can have better or worse Wi-Fi. Mainly this is due to the network card features, whether they support dual band or not and the maximum speed they support. But if at any time you need to improve the connection, you will be able to do so with some recommendations.

One of them is to use Wi-Fi repeaters or amplifiers. You can take the connection from one place to another and thus be able to connect those devices that are more limited. For example, use a tablet or television from a room where the wireless network reaches weaker. You have options such as PLC devices, Mesh systems and the wireless repeaters themselves. Of course, these devices would also be included in the list of those with the best Wi-Fi, but we have not included them because they are more specific devices precisely for this.

Another option you have is to change the location of the router. This will also allow the wireless signal to better reach certain areas that may be more limited. For example, put it in a central place in the house or move it away from other electronic devices that may interfere.

In short, as you have seen there are certain devices that have better Wi-Fi. Trying to optimize the connection is an option that you always have available to ensure that the coverage reaches certain areas.

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