Apple devices could get more expensive because of chips

If you follow the blog, you already know that since the pandemic began, technological devices have been sold like donuts. For this reason, Apple has remained at the top, while thousands of other companies have had a really bad time. Teleworking was needed although now the impossible is being done to return in person. All this has had a consequence and that is that chips have become scarce and that is why now faced with a small supply and a large demand, prices will rise. Hence, the prices of the devices will increase.

Apple’s most popular devices could be even more expensive next year, and chipmaker TSMC is said to is planning its biggest price hike in more than a decade. The move could also affect companies like Nvidia and Qualcomm. Sources blame the price hike on a number of factors, including higher material costs and continued chip shortages, which have encouraged some device vendors to buy more components than they actually need.

If at first it was thought that only Apple’s flagship, the iPhone, would be affected, it seems not. It will affect all devices. So at least Asian sources say. “The price of chips, and the electronic devices they power, are on track to rise in 2022 as the world’s largest contract chip maker joins rivals to increase production rates.”

But the biggest of the problems is that TSMC is rumored to be preparing the biggest price increase in more than a decade, not only to cover the rising costs of production, but also pTo prevent customers from “double-booking” or ordering more chips than they actually need. Double booking has now become common practice as some components become more difficult to obtain.

If you already had to save before, now in the short term, a little more.

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