Apple invites you to shoot their new show with Jon Stewart

Requirements that Apple asks the public who wants to go

Inbound distribution service 1iota has reported that the new Apple TV + program will be shot on July 14 and 16. Due to the objective that this show will have, the entrance of different people will be allowed as a physical audience, and anyone will be able to access. The great requirement that they obviously put is that fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You must have the two doses with a minimum of 15 days, to be able to enjoy maximum immunity. In order to verify it, a photograph of the vaccination card must be uploaded in order to approve it.

In addition to this, it will also require other sanitary measures with the aim of avoiding the spread of the disease among all attendees at all times. But this is not the only requirement, as it will also be required be in new york. This program will be filmed exclusively in this city and those who want to enter should be there of course. And for those who are not from there and wish to attend, they should keep in mind that the travel costs will never be borne by Apple, but they should be the ones who assume all these costs. The only positive is that the entrance will be free, although it will be limited to adults and only on these two days. This does not mean that other dates may be opened to complete the season.


This is how this new program will be with Jon Stewart

This new current affairs show will star, as the name suggests, by Jon Stewart and will be quite similar to Oprah’s Reading Club. Although shooting will begin in July, the premiere is expected to be scheduled for the month of September. The agreement emerged in October 2020, ensuring that this renowned commentator returns to the world of television. At present, no information has been disclosed regarding how many chapters each of these seasons will have.

What has been known is that each of these episodes will have a duration of one hour. In each of them a specific issue that has been among public opinion will be discussed. In addition to being able to be viewed in video format through Apple TV +, it will also always be accompanied by a podcast. This makes it not a common program, resembling others like the one mentioned by Oprah, since it has a much more serious approach by being focused on the gathering and critical analysis of today.

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