Apple is expanding outside of Silicon Valley to recruit new talent

Amid criticism of Apple’s plans to go back to work in person, initially 3 days a week starting in September, Mark Gurman from Bloomber reports that Apple is “stepping up its efforts to decentralize outside of Silicon Valley” due to what the company you are facing a number of problems recruiting and retaining talent due to the importance it attaches to Silicon Valley.

Gurman says Apple has been losing talent in recent years due to high cost of living in the San Francisco bay area. Many engineers say they cannot balance living expenses with other activities, such as their children’s college tuition and long-term savings despite their high income.

To this problem, we must add the concentration of technology companies in Silicon Valley (Amazon, Google, Netflix…). Gurman points out that Apple could get the same job from employees demanding much lower wages in less expensive regions, as some of these companies have started to do.

Due to these problems, Apple is looking to decentralize outside of Silicon Valley. Executives like Johny Srouji, the head of Apple Silicon, and Eddy Cue, the head of Apple services, are leading this initiative.

Johny Srouji, head of Apple Silicon, was one of the strongest advocates of this change, I am told. His group years ago opened offices in Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, Israel and parts of Asia. Since then, it has expanded to Germany, Oregon, and San Diego.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s head of online services, has also pushed for decentralization, investing in several offices in Los Angeles and a location in Nashville. The director of operations.

Jeff Williams has discussed the cost benefits of a more global workforce internally and Deirdre O’Brien, Head of Retail and HR, has evangelized the benefits of diversity.

Decentralization across the company is in full swing and Apple has embarked on a costly expansion from the sunny shores of Los Angeles and San Diego to the Pacific Northwest of Oregon and Washington, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Midwest of Iowa, the east coast of Massachusetts, Miami and New York.

Following the company’s refusal to allow workers to work remotely, many say they are contemplating quit your job.

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