Apple is the largest customer on Google’s cloud storage platform

In recent years, Apple has built a large number of data centers, data centers that are used to support its services (mail, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV + …) but which are also used to offer space to your customers through iCloud.

We do not know if data centers have fallen short quickly or if Apple prefers to outsource to other companies to store certain data, but the truth is that according to The Infomation, Apple pays close to 300 million dollars to use the cloud of Google.

In November 2020, Apple contracted about 470 petabytes of data, bringing the total amount of data that Apple has contracted from Google to 8 exabytes. To clarify: 1 ​​exabyte equals 1 million TB, 1 billion GB …

A curious fact: an exabyte was equivalent to 2o times all the books written in history until 2013. Most likely, within a few years, exabytes will remain small and for large companies and the names zettabyte and yottabyte will begin to be common .

According to the same medium, Apple has become the largest customer of Google’s storage service, and they have even given it a nickname: Bigfoot. Apple has been using Google’s storage services since 2018.

It goes without saying that the encryption keys are obviously not in Google’s possession, so conspiracy lovers have no reason to doubt whether Google can have access to data that customers or Apple itself stores on their servers.

The second client of Google’s cloud storage platform is TikTok, with nearly 500 petabytes contracted, the same amount of storage that Apple contracted last November to expand the storage space to the current 8 exabytes.

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