MacOS Monterey beta 4 with Live Text available for Intel and M1 Macs

For those who were already with the fly behind the ear to see how one of the novelties that macOS Monterey incorporates was only for the Apple Silicon, We can already assure that it will be for all Macs, those of Intel, and those of the M1. We are talking about the “Live Text” function.

Apple has just released a new version of macOS Monterey for developers, beta 4, and the first ones who have tried it report that the function «Live Text»On Macs with Intel. Good news.

It’s only been a week since Apple released macOS Monterey beta 3, and we already have the beta 4 for developers. With two very important news. Let’s see.

In this new version, according to the notes provided by Apple, the function «Universal control«, Which in theory should work without problems on all the company’s devices. It is also expected that there will be no changes from beta 3, and the controversial and redesigned browser tab remains Safari.

Another novelty of the fourth beta is undoubtedly the incorporation of the “Live Text” function that only worked on Apple Silicon, on Macs with processors Intel. Thus, the bad reviews that said that Apple was going to begin to layer macOS Monterey functions in Intel Macs will end to “push” its users to renew their equipment towards Macs with M1.

Apple authorized developers can now download the new version macOS Monterey beta 4 from the web of downloads for programmers.

And whenever we discuss Apple test software, we end up with the same string. Never try Apple software on your main device that you use to work or study. Although they are usually quite stable, they can have failures and you can suffer them when you least expect it.

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