Apple is working on a new HomePod with a screen by 2024

It seems increasingly clear that Apple has interesting future plans for the HomePod family, currently made up of two models, the original, which was removed from its catalog in 2021 but which surprised us by appearing again in January of this year, and the small and versatile HomePod Mini, which many considered at the time as the successor and heir to the larger loudspeaker. It is not the first time that Apple withdraws a product to recover it later, but it is certainly not common, far from it.

The big question that we have all been asking since January, with the return of the original format of the speaker, is what was the reason why Apple decided to “resurrect” it. A question that does not have an official answer, but an unofficial one that we began to deduce a few days after the return of the original HomePod: the plans of those from Cupertino to grow in the connected home market. A market in which, up to now, its approach has been quite limited, especially if we compare it with that of other technology companies such as Amazon or Facebook.

The speakers, along with Apple TV, currently make up Apple’s commitment to the connected home, although they complement their catalog with accessories and third-party devices. It’s not a bad proposal… from the start, but it’s true that many years have passed since the first versions of both debuted, so the company has had time to make progress in this regard, especially since devices with screen, like the Echo Show.

It seems, however, that the time has come to address that market. Thus, and as we told you at the end of January, those from Cupertino would already be working on creating smart screens of different sizes for the home, but the thing does not stop there, since the popular and generally reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that Apple will launch a HomePod with a screen in 2024as we can read on his Medium page.

Its publication, as you can see, is particularly concise, it does not advance any details of design, size, price, etc., although it does affirm that its arrival will take place during the first half of the year, and points out that the exclusive provider of the panel for The HomePod with a screen will be Tianma, which leads us to think that it has internal information from the company.

It is not the first time, yes, that we have heard of a hypothetical HomePod with a screen, well Mark Gurman already suggested it in 2021, although it did not advance specific deadlines. Thus, the coincidence of the two analysts pointing in this direction means that, with the skepticism that we must always have in these cases, it is something to take into account as probable.

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