Apple launches a cleaning cloth that is worth 25 euros (not kidding)

Yesterday Apple presented its new AirPods 3 and some MacBook Pro 2021 with improved performance that really left a very good taste in the mouth. However, as every time the company launches new products, it also updates its range of accessories. And there was one that was released discreetly and that nobody counted on: a cleaning cloth.

A “iPaño” with a controversial price

In La Manzana Mordida we usually publish a humorous news item every December 28 in honor of the Holy Innocents’ Day. And today we are October 19, so we are far from that date. And although the headline of this post seems that we have advanced the joke, it really is true. You can see in the Apple online store this cloth that we have unofficially baptized as the “iPaño”.

And it is true that the price of Apple products is never an issue that makes everyone happy. And while it is true that in some it is more justifiable than in others, the one on this cloth is likely to be one of the most controversial. Are 25 euros what it costs a single unit, something that obviously draws powerfully attention.

And how is this cloth? It has something special?

To be fair, we must say that the fact that this cloth does not begin shipping until October 26 prevents us from being able to describe more accurately what it is like. Not even the material used is described on the Apple website. We anticipate it to be microfiber, but we cannot confirm it and neither can its size. The description that Apple gives is this:

«Made from a soft, non-abrasive material, the cleaning cloth leaves all Apple device displays, including nano-textured glass, pristine. “

We understand that the objective of this cloth will be to be able to properly clean a Mac, iPhone or iPad, including their respective screens. More taking into account the new technologies of the panels with which devices such as those that are being launched lately. It remains to be seen to what extent this cloth can do a good service compared to others.

We recall that Amazon already sells cleaning products that Apple itself uses, such as the brand’s liquids Whoosh, used in the Apple Store to leave users’ devices pristine after a repair. In these cases it is cheaper and also includes cloths that perfectly serve for cleaning and at more attractive prices.

Be that as it may, if we have the opportunity we will try this new cloth. It is not that it is the most attractive Apple product for a review, but hey … Even if it is anecdotal, surely you are also curious to see what this 25-euro cloth is like, which, surely, will have something to talk about these days .

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