iPad Air 5 or iPad mini 6, which one is more worth it?


We cannot start talking about another aspect that is not the size, since it is the first thing that jumps out at you. if you put iPad Air 5 and iPad mini 6 together. There is a big difference in size, since that is precisely the main attraction of one of these two models, specifically the iPad mini, which are designed and focused on that public that what they want is a tablet with a very small size.

This significant feature of the mini model makes its portability be the best you can find on an iPad, since in some cases you won’t even need to put it in a backpack, but it can carry fit inside a pants or jacket pocket. On the other hand, the iPad Air, which is much larger, has a much more traditional size, which is also very portable but has nothing to do with the dimensions of the mini. In this case, the objective of the iPad Air is to give users a screen, which we will talk about now, large enough to be able to perform productivity and professional tasks with greater comfort.


Since we were talking about the size, this is a consequence of the screen size that Apple wants to give users, or even, that users have sued Apple. The iPad Air has a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina True Tone display, a well-known size within Apple tablets. For its part, the iPad mini 6 enjoys a 8.3-inch Liquid Retina True Tone displaysuperior in size to that of other previous models, caused by the change in design that allows a larger screen in a body of very similar dimensions.

In terms of screen quality, both perform quite well, in fact they have the same panel, so the differences you want to find between them will be few, since the only difference is in the resolution, being 2360 x 1640 at 264 ppi on the iPad Air and 2266 x 1488 at 326 ppi on the iPad mini. They both come to a 500 nits brightness (typical) and have a wide color range.

iPad Air + Apple Pencil

Are two very good screens to consume content or edit photographs in a semi-professional way, since for users who want to take a leap in terms of colors and calibration, they will have to opt for the Pro model. In addition, its refresh rate is 60 Hz. They are definitely two panels that provide a really good user experience, up to what an iPad with these characteristics requires and users demand.

However, we are talking about size again, and depending on the type of activities or tasks that you are going to carry out on this device, 10.9 inches or 8.3 will be better for you. In that case, you will have to think about what you will use your new iPad for, and based on that, choose between these two alternatives that are so good, but so different.


If we talk about the iPad, practically any model, surely the word power comes to mind, because if there is one thing these devices have left over, it is power. And beware, to say that they are left over is perhaps not the best thing that could happen to a range of products that many users consider to be wasted by their operating system. However, this topic is not the fruit of debate at this time, since what interests us is to see the differences between the iPad Air 5 and the iPad mini 6.

iPad Air + displayThe M1 chip is undoubtedly the one that tips the scales in this sense towards the iPad Air 5, since the power and performance it gives it is quite difficult to match for the A15 Bionic chip that the iPad mini 6 has. Although beware, this does not mean that the iPad mini does not have sufficient resources at the power level to carry out any task that a user wants to carry out with it, on the contrary, in terms of performance it is a A real beast, although it does not reach the level of the iPad Air 5. In fact, the A15 Bionic chip is the same one that the iPhone 13 mini, 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max have.


One of the reasons why the iPad can be considered the most versatile device that Apple has within its entire catalog is because of the number and variety of accessories with which this device is compatible. However, not all models are compatible with all accessories on the market, and for this reason there is a difference to take into account between the iPad Air 5 and the iPad mini 6.

iPad Air + magic

While the iPad Air 5 is compatible with the best keyboard that Apple hasfor your tablets, the Magic Keyboard, the iPad mini 6 does not support Magic Keyboard or SmartKeyboard, and this is one of the consequences of its small size and that Apple has not released any adaptation of these keyboards for its smallest iPad model. Therefore, all those who want to use a keyboard with their iPad mini, will have to do it with a alternative to connect via bluetooth.

Similarities between both models

Once you know the most significant differences between the iPad Air 5 and the iPad mini 6, it is time to also talk about the points of union between the two, that is, their similarities, which although they will not make you decide for one or the other, it is also important that you know since they will affect the user experience you will have with them.


Surely the most obvious similarity upon seeing these two iPad models is the design. The iPad Air 5 already inherits the design of the Air 4, which was the first in its range to adopt the all screen design that brought with it the iPad Pro of 2018. However, for its part, the iPad mini 6 is the first iPad mini that also adopts that design.

ipad mini screen

One of the main advantages that this change has brought is that Apple has been able to fit a larger screen than its respective models had before, without having to expand the dimensions of the device. It has also caused Touch ID that was previously on the front of the device, has moved to the lock button that is located on the top of both. In addition, aesthetically they are two very attractive products, with a tremendous visual touch.

Apple Pencil

Before we commented that if the iPad have that fame of being versatile devices, it is largely due to the number of compatible accessories that they have. Well, although when it comes to keyboards there is an important difference, when talking about the Apple Pencil we did not find any, since the two compatible with the second generation.

iPad Air + Apple Pencil

This is undoubtedly very good news, both for the users of these two models and for their potential buyers, since the evolution of the Apple Pencil in this second generation means that its use is much more comfortable for two main reasons. The first of them is that it is much more comfortable to transport, since it adheres to the side of the iPad, remaining magnetized, and the second is that whenever it stays in that position it is charging, giving the feeling that the battery never depleted.


It is possible that many users, seeing the difference in size between these two iPad models, thought that in the same way that happens with the iPhone, that the Pro Max, being larger, has more battery than the rest, the same thing would happen. with iPads. However, and fortunately for all users, both the iPad Air 5 and the iPad mini 6 have identical autonomy, and also very good.

The truth is that the iPad has never been a device that has autonomy problemsand obviously, neither the Air 5 nor the mini 6 are the exception that confirm this rule, so all users will be able to use both models for their different daily tasks that will not have any battery problems with them.


Finally, we are going with one of the most important aspects when choosing between one device or another, and it is the price that potential buyers will have to pay for these two iPad models. The reality is that considering that they are two devices with very similar features, the variation in price is in line with it.

ipad mini

The iPad Air 5 starts from the €679 in its 64 GB version, while the iPad mini part of the €549, also in its 64 GB version. Without a doubt, it is surprising how the Cupertino company continues to sell devices of this type with a base capacity of 64 GB, when it should have already made the leap, at least to 128 GB.

Which one are we left with?

Whenever we carry out a comparison of this type, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we like to tell you what our final conclusion is. However, you have to bear in mind that this is something completely subjective, and we encourage you to be yourself or yourself who decide, based on your needs, which of the two models is more suitable to meet your needs.

Honestly, both the iPad Air 5 and the iPad mini 6 are two top-of-the-range devices that offer excellent performance in the vast majority of cases, but obviously, given the difference in size, they are aimed at two different audiences. The iPad Air 5 It is ideal for all those users who want a device capable of replacing the most basic actions of a laptop, to which you have to add the advantages of having a touch screen and all the compatible accessories such as the Apple Pencil or the Magic Keyboard. Secondly, the iPad mini 6 It is focused on a much more leisure use, to consume multimedia content anywhere, read, or visit social networks and web pages, since for this it is much more comfortable given its small size.

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